Starting my big cloth adventure

Hello all!

Well I have never been much for blogging but I am going to give it a try. I will start by telling you a bit about myself and my experience with cloth diapering.

I decided to cloth diaper when I was 5 months pregnant. This really came to me as a surprise because I have no idea when I even started to consider cloth. My husband jumped on the cloth diaper train (not without hesitation), and we were off on our big cloth diaper adventure. When I decided to do cloth I didn’t know anyone who had done cloth so I had to learn about cloth on my own. My hubby was down with cloth but had no interest in doing research. “You do the research and just teach me what I need to know.”  During my pregnancy I read anything on the internet that had to do with cloth. If there would have been a written test about cloth when the baby came I would have aced it!

We didn’t have a lot of money to start so I decided to buy a pack of Osocozy prefolds off of Amazon. The pack came with 32 diapers and four covers. Perfect! We brought Little Pumpkin home from the hospital and crap; she is too small for the prefolds!  So we used disposable diapers for the first month. I have to say it may not have been a bad choice to go the disposable route for the first month. The sticky gross Newborn poop would have been hell to clean!  So when Little Pumpkin was a month old she could finally fit in to her prefolds! I was so excited!  At first hubby was nervous to switch over. We had gotten all these packs of disposable diapers as gifts, lucky for us we know some people who could use them and I decided to give them away. Hubby at first protested “What if we have a hard time and need disposable diapers as a back up!?” I explained to hubby that we made a choice and if we kept the disposables around we would use those and not the cloth. He agreed and got rid of the disposables.

 What hubby and I did was very brave. A lot of couples try cloth and don’t like it and switch back. In fact a lot of cloths diapering moms suggest to cloth part-time at first maybe cloth during the day and disposables at night and on the go. Not us, we jumped in with both feet, luckily it worked out for us. It wasn’t until Little Pumpkin was 5 months old that we went exclusively to cloth wipes at home and on the go.

Since starting cloth I have emerged myself in the cloth community both local and cyber. Starting my own cloth diaper business getting in touch with bloggers and joining online communities specially geared towards cloth have all helped me to feel a little less alone in the cloth world and has helped me fall in love with cloth.

That’s the story of how I began my big cloth adventure and I can’t wait to continue this adventure with you.