Letjoy review by Dirty Diaper Laundry

In November I submitted a couple of Letjoy Diapers to be reviewed over at Dirt diaper Laundry ( which I love the site) well this past Monday it finally came out and although the size I send was a bit to big for her little guy she had some pleasent things to say about our diapers. Here is a link to the review if you are interested

Letjoy Cloth Diapers Review by Dirty Diaper Laundry


A New Year At Letjoy Cloth Diapers

With the anticipated arrival of 2012 Letjoy Cloth Diapers are excited to roll out new products. Our new products will include Mama Cloth, Letjoy Cloth Menstrual Pad. Another Product that we will be releasing is surprisingly non cloth related. Glass coasters will also be added to our product line. Along with these new products Letjoy will continue offering stylish diapers with different designs. Letjoy is also investing in new equipment for a new snap system. We are excited that the quality of these snaps will be great improvement over our old system.


Well it’s the Friday before Christmas and our home is ready for the big event! Hubby and I have been cleaning and shopping to make sure our daughters first Christmas is a special one. Hubby wrapped everything he could. Even a bottle sterilizer that his brother gave us that we don’t ever use. (his brother is getting it back). For our 3-year-old nephew we got a gage gift, a box of tissues. We are going to record him opening it and his reaction, I’ll be sure to post it if it’s good.

As for me, today is my works Christmas party, so Little Pumpkin is going to grandma and grandpas so that mommy can have a little fun.  Our weekend is booked with family activates, although I am looking forward to all of the weekend’s events I can’t wait until it is over.  I have put off making diapers to sell this whole month due to the fact that I just don’t have any time. I have to say I miss making diapers. I hope when this weekend is over that I can get to diaper making and come up with some new designs

Wool Dryer Balls

So with cloth diapers comes laundry and lots of it. While the chore of cleaning and stuffing diapers doesn’t bother me stiff scratchy diapers do (along with my little one),  but what can you do. No softeners means hard scratchy diapers!? No way, that does not have to be the situation. Wool Dryer balls are becoming more and more popular and not only in the cloth diaper community.

This is how they work. Wool Dryer balls gently bounce in your dryer to keep your laundry soft while reducing the amount of time it takes to dry… saving you time and money and reducing your footprint on Mother Earth. Using 4 dryer balls on a 90 minute cycle will cut a small load of laundry in 1/2 and a large load by 1/4! Saving you approx $.26 on a large load and $.51 on a small load of laundry! They are perfect for use on your babies clothes, cloth diapers and everyday laundry. To use simply throw in the dryer with your wet clothes and go! No need to take them out when you’re done, just toss in and go!

I never knew about dryer balls until I started to use cloth and I have to say I am hooked. I use them on all my laundry and love that I don’t have to go out and buy dryer sheets! I have heard of dryer balls lasting for more than 5 years! We currently have 6 that we leave in our dryer. You can add scents to the dryer balls if you like your clothes coming out of the dryer with a scent of lavender or whatever sent you like.  By bouncing around your dryer they beat your cloths/ diapers soft! The wool sucks up moisture cutting your drying time and saving you money.

Letjoy Cloth Diapers offers Dryer balls in a variety of colors such as yellow, white, red, and green.

The Benefits of Being a Part of a Cloth Community

Starting out cloth diapering is a great decision for both baby and the environment (not to mention your pocket-book). If you have decided to do cloth and don’t know anyone else who does cloth it’s always a little hard. I have found that Cloth mamas feel the need to connect with other cloth moms.

Recently I attended a local cloth group get together and I was surprised to feel more of a sense of belonging in the cloth community, I didn’t even know I was lacing that sense of belonging.  Three of us had dinner together and brought our families and it was a lot of fun. Even Hubby had a lot of fun J We all talked about cloth, birthing, parenting, all kinds of things and I was surprised how easily I got along with the other mamas (I more so get along with the male population and only have a few female friends).

Positives of being in a cloth diaper community

  • Info on diapers
    • Interacting with other cloth moms gives you a whole new source of information. Mamas can give their opinions on cloth diapers and other products that you maybe interested in without you spending a bunch of money just to find that you don’t like that product.
    • Making friends with a common interest
      • As a new mom I find that I spend less time with my single friends and spend more time with my friends with kids. With other cloth moms you have a new source of friends to see and get your adult time in with the benefit of being able to bring your little one with out the guilt of being the only one with a child tagging along.
      • Trouble shooting
        • If you come across a cloth problem you have a whole community to help you solve your problem with their experience.
        • Fun Cloth activities
          • I am a part of a couple of online cloth communities and have partaken in cloth activities including secret Santa, and a diaper train.  Even though theses activities are mailed out and you don’t get the face to face interaction you still get excited to be a part of the activities.

As parents it’s important to maintain an adult social life, and I have found that Cloth communities serves that need along with others.

Choosing a Cloth Diaper System

I remember when I started cloth; I had no idea what diaper was best for my family. There seemed to be so many choices and I had no knowledge of what would work best for me and my baby. Fast forward 10 months. Now I know lots about cloth diapers and I tell people about cloth all the time (when they seem interested of course).

When choosing a diaper system you need to define a few things before you begin.

  • What’s your budget
  • Do you want high quality diapers, medium quality (this will affect  your budget)
  • Do you want only natural fibers in your diapering system, Mix or it doesn’t really matter
  • Can you sew, do you think you could make diapers
  • Do you want a really easy system so that anyone could use, do you want a mix of different systems (I recommend a mix)


Choosing a diaper system is something you should go through with your husband (after all he is going to be doing diaper changes too).  In fact it’s something that the whole family can get involved with (you can choose one system for home, one for on the go, one for daddy/ grandparent ease). I have seen couples in stores with the grandparents going over the different diapers and choosing a system that works for the grandparents.  

Here are some of the different systems to choose from:


  • All In Ones (AIO)
  • ALL In 2 (AI2)
  • Pocket diaper
  • Fitted diapers
  • Prefold diaper
  • Flat diaper


  • Fleece
  • Wool
  • PUL

Different diaper systems are all good for different goals. If your baby has a rash and you want to air her  out without the fear of her peeing on the floor or pooping on the towel you might choose a fitted , flat or a prefold. With or without a cover (wool and fleece only for that example) If you a traveling a long distance you might choose an AIO with suede cloth inner to keep baby dry. It all depends on the day to day situation.

Whatever you choose, make sure you try different systems and as your child grows your diaper system may change to fit your little Ones needs at that stage in her life.

Good Luck on choosing a system that works for you.

Postpartum Anxiety

All new moms go through adjustments after bringing their child home from the hospital. They worry about how if their child is getting enough food, germs ( and everyone who carries them)  If the umbilical cord fell off too soon; But when the worrying  continues and gets worse, when is it time to go to the doctor and get it checked out.

Recently I went to the doctor because my anxiety (I have always had issues with anxiety) was getting to be very bad. Turns out I have Postpartum Anxiety. I have heard of postpartum depression but no one ever mentioned Postpartum Anxiety; so when I got home I did some research.

While most people have heard of postpartum depression, another disorder has also been known to affect women soon after their child is born. It is a condition called postpartum anxiety. Only a small fraction of new mothers will experience postpartum anxiety, with the number reaching upwards of 6 percent according to the American Psychological Association. But this disorder is often just as debilitating as postpartum depression, since its symptoms can be fairly severe and can put additional stress on the sufferers.


  • Panic attacks
    • Panic attacks can bring on a shortness of breath, heart palpitations, chest pain, light-headedness, nausea and the chills or sweating.
    • Insomnia
    • Nervousness
    • Concentration
      • Lack of concentration or focus is one of this conditions hallmarks
      • Loss of appetite
      • Cognitive Changes
        • This symptom is more of a grouping of symptoms than would involve the cognitive processes of the woman, involving her memory, decisiveness, relaxation or responsibilities. All of these processes would most likely see a decrease in capacity so that the woman may not remember simple things. She may be unable to make decisions or relax. She may even difficulty completing errands or duties and other such things that are common day-to-day activities.

You may experience some or all of these symptoms.

For me I found my self worrying about everything from cleaning the house to getting the oil changed in the car to someone breaking in the house and taking Little Pumpkin. I was having panic attacks all the time and finally I decided to go to the doctor and get it checked out.

Now remember I said that I had anxiety issues before I was pregnant, so I dealt with the anxiety for about six months before I went to the doctor. My doctor was very worried and immediately prescribed medication to help me get this anxiety under control. No I am not one who enjoys being medicated and will try to avoid it as much as possible, But I just can go on feeling the way I do and I know I need Medication to help me feel like me again.  

I hope that my experience had brought a little more awareness in to your own life and if you don’t feel right, if you don’t feel like yourself talk to your doctor. It might be something you didn’t even know existed like me.

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