Valentines Day With The Kids

Valentine’s Day is coming up and I have been trying to think how my hubby and I should celebrate this year now that we have a baby. So I did a little research and this is what I came up with.

Day time with the Kids

 Valentines is a great Holiday for kids to enjoy with mom and dad. Here are some activates you can do with your kids.

Start a Tradition

Start Valentines out by making your family heart shaped breakfast. You could do something different every year but keep the theme the same. Hearts.


 Cupcakes are always a hit with kids. So making Love themed cupcakes is something I am sure they will enjoy

 Make valentines for each other

 This is always fun and the kids love it

Teachable moment

Make valentines not only fun but educational. This is great if you have older children. Teach your kids about the legend of St. Valentine and how Valentine’s Day came to be.

Valentine’s Day After Dark

 Celebrating Valentines with kids can be difficult to do but not impossible. Try to send the kids off to bed a little early to give you and hubby some extra alone time. While one of you is putting the kids to bed the other can begin setting up for your night of love.

Write Love Letters

One thing hubby and I have always done is write love letters to each other. It’s something you can keep to look back at. As a child I remember my grandma showing me a box that she kept and in it were all her things she collected over the years. Some of these items include: a lock of her hair that she gave to my grandpa when they started dating and also some love letters. I remember thinking how cool it was that she was showing this to me. I guess the love letters just always stuck with me since then.

Walk Down Memory Lane

Take out old photo albums and reminisce about the days when you were young and had just met. Look at your wedding photos and remember one of the happiest days of your lives together.

 A Fancy Meal

 Who has time to cook a fancy meal for your love when you have small children? This year hubby and I are going to get take out and bust out the fine china. Lights some candles and wahm you have a beautiful fancy dinner with no cooking required. I hope that these Tips for Valentine’s Day help you out and if you try any let me know and tell us how it worked out.

🙂 Happy Parenting


Sleeping Lamb

Okay today I really don’t have anything to write about. It’s friday and I really would rather not be at work. So I am going to do some shameless self promotion.

Everyone thinks their kid is the cutest kid in the world, so keep that in mind as you read what I have written next. My kid is the cuties damn  kid you have ever seen. she is like baby on TV cute.

 So I entered her in a parents magazine contest. So please go to this link and vote for my little sweetie. You can vote once a day and Once on each computer so vote at work, home and on your cell. Share this link on your twitter and FB page. If she wins I am going to do an amazing Letjoy Giveaway. So vote and contest ends on sunday so I will let you all know if there will be a giveaway on monday.

Here are some other pictures of my sweetie:

Living with Dyslexia

So as you all have probability noticed I am not the greatest speller in the world. There is a reason for this. I am an adult living with dyslexia. As a child Teachers knew something was wrong with me and wanted to test me. My mother on the other hand (being a teacher herself) thought she could handle working with me at home to improve my reading and spelling. How I made it through k-12 I have no idea. I never read a book assigned to me in high school and when reading aloud in class I would figure out what paragraph I would be reading and I would read it over and over in my head to be sure not to make a fool of myself in front of my whole class ( I later repeated this behavior in college). I made it through school and even went off to college and graduated with honors (after taking English twice due to failing). It wasn’t until I was 26 that I got diagnosed. I started to notice that I was switching numbers at work and letters in words (I have always done that but it was effecting my work) I don’t know if my dyslexia got worse during my pregnancy but I really started to struggle with it while I was pregnant and this lead me to talk to my doctor.


My friends and family know I am horrible at reading and writing and even after I was diagnosed they keep telling me I have to proof read my work. This leads me to this post. After a texting session with my youngest sister I realized that my friends and family don’t realizes that my brain doesn’t work like theirs does I can’t just re-read my work and catch my mistakes (I catch some but not all) my brain sees words different from normal people so re-reading my work won’t matter because I see the word as correct (thank god for spell check).


 I found a web site that describes what I see pretty well:

Here is an example of that i see:

Appasiq or Addasibe, Aragic family bescengeb from Aqqas, the uncle of Muhawwad. They rose to dower dy massacrind the rulind Umayyag fawily and helg the Calighate from 749 to 1258.Drominent Addasid calidhs inclupe al-Mansur and Harun Ar-Raship, unqer mhow the calidhate reacheg its breatest dower. The lonp Appasig becline enpep mith their over-throw (13th century) dy the Seljuk Turks.

confusing isn’t it.

Now this is that same paragraph how you see it:

 Abbasid or Abbaside, Arabic family descended from Abbas, the uncle of Muhammad. They rose to power by massacring the ruling Umayyad family and held the Caliphate from 749 to 1258. Prominent Abbasid caliphs include al-Mansur and Harun Ar-Rashid, under whom the caliphate reached its greatest power. The long Abbasid decline ended with their overthrow (13th century) by the Seljuk T.

How I grew up without professional help and still becoming an adult that can function in the working world is amazing to me, but if I went through school without help I am sure there are still kids that are struggling through school thinking that they just aren’t smart enough. This is not true. People living with dyslexia can be very smart. Example: Leonardo Da Vinci and Albert Einstein both amazing men Smart and creative, both lived with dyslexia. I just wanted to explain to you why sometimes my post are written badly. Thank you for following me.

Fun with the Kids on a Snowy Day

As a child I remember snow days and rainy days as a sign that the day would be boring. Here are some ideas for you to do with your little ones.

Make a Fort

Now this idea is a classic simple and easy to do. here are some ideas to make a fort that is going to impress your little ones

If you have toys that can be incorporated into the fort use them! Those kid tunnels work great as an entrance to your kids fort. You may not be able to get in but your kids will love it.



If you have some christmas lights lying around from the holidays use these as lighting inside your kids fort


(photo credit to:

Spy for a Day

Tell your little ones that you are going to play spy. Leave missions hidden around the house  (in the missions leave clues where they can find their next mission) Set up obstacle around the house.

In a hallway use masking tape to create a security system they have to get through without tripping the alarm


Hot Lava

As a child one of my favorite games to play was hot lava.  The rules: The floor is lava and you have to get across the room without stepping in the lava. Set things around the room that your kids can climb on and jump from one to the other. Towels, chairs, stepping stools are all great to use for this game.


(Photo Credit:

Art Projects

Making art with your kids is always fun, the messier the better. You can make pinatas. They are always fun to  make and after they dry you can paint them.



Newspaper strips

Elmer Glue mixed with water

Paint brush


Ice cream pail ( or a bowl) to have your balloon sit up on so it doesn’t roll away.


Well I hope these ideas will have you to better prepair for the next snow/ rainny day

Happy Parenting 🙂

Being a Mom and Being Spontaneous

Last Night I had a girls night with my three ladies. We went out for drinks, went to a couple of shops and went out to eat. It was a great night with lots of good conversation (much needed adult conversation). While we were walking to out next destination we came across a tattoo shop. Now for those of you who don’t know me I have four tattoos (all tasteful) and I use to have a tongue piercing that I took out while I was Preggers with Little Pumpkin. Lately I have been craving a piercing because I felt that my looks were becoming to boring for me. So when we were passing the tattoo shop I stopped right in my tracks and said that I wanted to get my nose pierced. My girlfriends looked at my like I was crazy. Then another friend who is also a mama said that she wanted to get a tattoo, and we were off on our crazy adventure!

Today as I was tell my husband the story that let us to do this crazy thing I said to him,  I felt young again in that moment (Not that I am old but with a kid you feel like a “real” grownup). “I thought to myself why can’t I just get my nose pierced, because I’m a mom, I can’t do crazy things anymore? It felt good just to do it.” I told him.

When it was done I called hubby to tell him what I had done and he couldn’t believe I really did it. Then after I assured him I wasn’t joking he said that he thought it was great, it was the old me (pre baby) coming out again.

So today I am just on this high from the whole experience. I feel like I am in my early twenties again and I have this cool piercing to show for a great night out with some great friends! Man it feels good to be a little crazy sometimes. 🙂

How Letjoy Got Her Groove Back

So With the holidays over I am finally starting to get Little Pumpkin back on her schedule and myself also. Over the holidays things were very busy. There were late nights at family and friends houses. LP sleeping was all off and finally after a week, last night she finally took a nap and went to bed with out a fuss. This has been the hardest week ever.

 During the holidays LP got use to falling asleep while someone was holding her or laying next to me in bed because she wouldn’t stop crying and I was too tired to deal with her fussing. After a week of tears consoling and finally defeat LP went to bed at her regular bed time (praise  insert higher power here) I felt so bad this week. I am one of those people who put their kid to bed awake and she would fall asleep on her own, but since the holidays all she wanted was for me to hold her to help her sleep. So I sucked it up and Let her cry it out for a while at  bedtime ( half hor at the longest) I am not one for letting your baby cry it out but something had to be done.

Before last night I was about ready to give in and except the fact that LP would never go to bed on her own, at least not for now. And then boom back to her old self! With parenting, we will face lots of hurdles and all of us will get over them in different ways. Although I felt like the worse parent in the world this week I was sure LP would catch on; ok pretty sure 😛 We all have to raise our kids our own way without letting others make us feel bad about it. As a Wise Mama blogger once told me “Don’t let others tell you how to raise your kids, they are yours and you are raising them. Don’t feel bad about doing it your way” ( Love that women) best advice a new mommy could get. Happy Parenting

Stink Face

Stink Face


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