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Yes thank you I am the newest team member of the Etsy cloth diaper team! I am not quite sure what will be expected of me but I hope to go above and beyond 🙂 If you don’t know what it is check it out at


Changing a Prefold Diaper.

When I started cloth diapering Little Pumpkin I thought that prefolds looked complicated, who would have thought that prefolds would end up being my favorite type of cloth diaper to use. This video will show you how to put on a prefold. Staring Little Pumpkin!

Happy Cloth Diapering 🙂

gDiapers gCloth Inserts Review

When I started cloth diapers with my little one I went on Craigslist and bought used (great way to start without breaking the bank). I went to one mamas house and bought a bunch of diapers. They were all pockets and said I could pick what inserts I wanted. A bunch of them that I grabbed were gDiaper gCloth Inserts.

The Facts:

gCloth Inserts are made out of two layers of microfiber fleece to wick moisture away from baby and two layers of a hemp cotton blend.

They come in packs of six

And cost anywhere between $25-$30

You can order them online from places like amazon

You can find them in Babies R us


What I liked:

They are super Thin and not bulky at all.

They are absorbent and are great to use as a second insert in the diaper for nighttime.

easy to clean

never have had a stink problem


What i don’t like:

Not really a great fit for regular pocket diapers


Over all This is a great insert. I don’t own any gDiapers but these are great for nighttime diapers paired up with a two layered microfiber terry cloth insert.  My Number one doubler and totally worth the money.  I would recommend these inserts to be a must have for any stash.

I gave these inserts Five star



How to Use Cloth Diapers on the Go

This last weekend I met up with a mama that is new to cloth and she asked me if I did cloth on the go. Since my husband and I jumped both feet in with cloth,  I thought of course I use cloth on the go. She then explained how she is so nervous to only depend on cloth on the go. Well  Mamas in cyber land I am here to assure you that Cloth on the go is easy and I am going to tell you everything you need and need to know about.

What you need:

Cloth Diapers (any kind will do although AIO is the easiest to travel with)

Wet Bag


When you are in a public place and need to change your little one, it really isn’t any different changing a cloth diaper then a disposable diaper. The only difference is that instead of throwing the diaper away you put it in a wet bag to be washed later when you get home.

As far as how many you should bring. It depends on your little ones age. Before venturing out with cloth at home pay attention how many diapers on average your little one goes through in an hour. This will help you decide how many diapers your little one will need on your outing. As long as you change your little ones diapers before they get so soaked that they leak you really shouldn’t have to worry about your little one leaking.

If you are going to be out for a whole day I would suggest packing prefolds and a couple covers. I suggest this because you can fit more prefolds in the diaper bag and wet bag then you can AIO, Pocket….ect. I prefer prefolds on the go because they are so easy and I can bring a bunch with, without over stuffing the diaper bag.




Side by side 7 Pockets vs 7 Prefolds










As far as wipes go you can go either disposable or cloth. Hubby and I use to do disposable but then found it easier to do cloth on the go with cloth wipes. but what ever you are most comfortable with is fine.

If you want to pack Prefolds you will need Two covers, prefolds, snappie, wet bag and wipes

For Pockets, AI2 and AIO all you need is wipes, wet bag and the diapers

If you are nervous about using cloth on the go. start out small and safe. a short trip to the target down the street. A trip to grandma and grandpas’ (you know they have disposable in the house). Start there and next time try for something a little more bold, a trip to friends house for a play date, go out to dinner, to the zoo. once you get comfortable using cloth on the go you will not know why you didn’t start sooner.

Happy Cloth Diapering 🙂

Making Smore Bites

I have recently become addicted to Pinterest (you can follow me now on Pinterest just click the button on the Right side of the page. Go ahead I’ll wait) I came across a recipe for Smore bite and decided to give it a try.


Crescent roll dough



I must warn you I found that the crescent roll dough just wasn’t big enough to put a good amount of chocolate and marshmallows in it but I did see that they sell dough in rolled up sheets at the store so you may want to try that instead when you try this, but either way these are delicious.

First pre-heat your oven to 375 Degrees

Then open your crescent rolls

Then lay them out and stuff them with your marshmallows and chocolate.

Roll up the dough with the ingredients inside and place them spaced out on a pan.

Now place them in the oven and cook them for 10-15 minutes (keep an eye on them) or until golden brown.

After baking take them of the oven to cool off

Then enjoy! They may not turn out pretty but they are soooooo good!

Happy Baking:)

Days Go By

SO it has been 10 months since Little Pumpkin has been born and I really haven’t lost a lot of the baby weight I gained during my pregnancy. When I got pregnant I was well on my way to making my weight loss goals but then LP came along and I gained 50 pounds!

I am now starting to get back into a kind of routine. So yesterday I went to the gym for the first time since LP has been born. I sat in the sauna for ten min before I went to go work out and let me tell you , that is just what mommy needed. I feel like the sauna is my little treat to work out which makes me want to go to the gym.

After the gym Lp and I went over to Labor of wonder mammas house so that the kids could play and the mommies could have a timeout. It’s amazing how Little Pumpkins has grown and started to interact with other kids. She gets so excited when we go over there and the hussel and bussel of that house is in full swing. (Love it) Not to mention the three cuddly E’s, they are always so much fun to have a conversation with.

So on our trip to the labor of wonder house Lp was sporting he new longies. And I just can get over how much I have falling in love with wool.  It’s so easy to take care of ( a little time consuming when it comes to wash and lanolize time but worth it) 

So this brings me to the new changes here at my big cloth adventure (I know I am jumping all over the place today) I have added  info pages on cloth diapers and I am in the process of adding an info page on wool as well. Please leave comments under this post if thee is some kind of cloth related questions you would like answered.  Well that’s all for me today. Happy Cloth Diapering 🙂

Designing Your Own PUL

So I recently ordered this really cool dye online. I happen to come across it while blog surfing. Lumi Inkodye is this cool dye that goes on clear then in the sun turns color. It’s hard to explain so I’ll just insert the Link for you to check out… I’ll Wait for you to watch the video.

Okay isn’t that cool. SO I decided to try it on one of my cloth diapers. I’ve played around with it for the last few weeks and today I finally got a result that I believe is worth to be put on sale.

This diaper is currently for sale in the Letjoy Etsy Shop. Happy Diapering

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