From the Depts of Hell Came A Rash

So today I was looking for blog ideas, I went to wordpress and typed in the topic search bar “cloth diapers”. Imagine my surprise when I saw my blog at the top of the page bigger then the others with the word featured blog next to my picture. now I am sure its not that big of a deal to a seasoned blogger but to me I felt proud seeing my blog at the top. I even called hubby in to check it out, (he asked if it was featured “to show other bloggers what not to do”……ha ha (Not impressed dear) Anyways so I though I would share that with you all before we got into todays blog post.

I never did find a topic so I am going to write about the excitement that went on in our home last night…..or should I say early this morning. As you all know LP is teething and it hasn’t been fun. With the teething has come the rash from hell! I am for realz people this thing is the worst rash LP has ever had. At 4 am LP pooped her pants and while hubby was changing her all I hear are screams and crying coming from the next room. I went to investigate and first thing hubby says is I swear  I’m not abusing our daughter followed by a little laugh. He went on to tell me how concerned he was about LP rash and how she didn’t even want to be wiped. So I picked her up and took her to the bath tub poopy butt and all. I decided that she was so upset that I would just give her a bath at 4am. well as soon as that water turned on LP got so excited (she loves baths) that she peed all over me. Then when I handed her off a few mins later to hubby she peed on him ( that’s right not so funny when it’s you). After the bath and LP was all clean we put a new diaper on her and pjs and off to bed she went with me while hubby slept in the other room (he is scared to sleep with her, he is such a deep sleeper that he is afraid he will roll on her).

I am happy to report that the rash is slowly but surely healing and LP is super happy today. PLease leave a comment and share one of your horror stories with me. I love seeing what you all have to say.

Happy parenting 🙂



The Sand Man Is Scared of the Tooth Fairy

Who needs sleep, Well LP seems to think that I don’t. During the day LP is happy for the most part but come night time those mean little teeth keep her (and me) up.  When she got her bottom teeth in it was the same way, fine in the day but the night was another story. While LP has been teething she has had this wicked rash, and no matter what I do it wont go away. For the last couple of days she has been living in fitted and prefold diapers without covers to try and help. Since she is gets changed as soon as she gets wet and nothing is working to help it go away even a little bit, the rash must be from teething.

Luckily a few months ago I happened to come across an all natural teething solution in a local baby store. I asked the girl behind the counter about it and if it really worked. She told me it was made by a local WAHM and that every mom that buys it swears by it. At the time LP was not teething but I thought since the store was on the other side of the metro I would buy it. THANK GOD I DID. This stuff is great! Its called  All Smiles Natural its made with peppermint, myrth clove, chamomile and sweet almond. I tested this stuff out on me and unlike the store bought stuff that only works for 5 mins this shit made my gums tingle for 30 mins! Granted it tastes HORRIBLE! No matter even LP recognizes that this stuff works and even though she hates the way it tastes she is more than willing to open her mouth for this stuff.

Unfortunately the store I found this stuff is in Hopkins, MN called Baby on Grand, which is almost an hour away from my place. I checked on their website and I could not find the magic sleep maker and I checked on etsy to see if this WHAM had her own shop…. no such luck.

SO magic WHAM if you are out there in Hopkins, MN PLEASE OPEN A ETSY SHOP AND SHARE YOUR MAGIC WITH THE WORLD! If you know this WHAM let her know that she was mentioned and give her my message of thanks, love that stuff.

That’s all for today. Happy parenting 🙂


The Naked Truth

So recently I was reading one of my favorite blogging Dads post and he talked about his daughter jumping in to their hot tub naked while he was in the hot tub. He went on to talk about how his wife showers with his daughter once in a while. This got me to thinking. The grownup in me is screaming that it’s weird that parents bath/shower with their kids, BUT I do it to!

As a child I too bathed/showered with my mommy, in fact it was always a special alone time that I got to spend with her. Having 6 brothers and sisters, alone time with parents is like winning the lottery.  So when I had my own daughter I didn’t think twice about bathing with her. But reading blogger dads post and how he realized that some people don’t think it’s ok to be naked around your child got me to thinking……whats so bad about being naked?

As a child I loved to strip every chance I got and run around like a mad women (or girl ). In my house being naked wasn’t dirty or bad, although there was no naked time when we had guest. As a parent I guess I feel the same way. Being naked is natural and normal. I don’t  want my daughter to feel ashamed of her body (don’t get me wrong when she is a teen there will be a rule about how we dress in public) I guess I am just that kind of person who thinks the human body in its natural state is beautiful and natural and I don’t go with the rest of america being conservative. In Brazil people embrace their bodies and aren’t scared of the human body. I guess I just got that way of thinking from my mom. what do you think. Leave a comment and tell me what you think of being naked.

Thanks for reading and happy parenting 🙂

Are You Calling Me Crunchy?

Crunchy Mama :

Mother who supports homebirth, breastfeeding, baby wearing, cloth diapering, co-sleeping, gentle discipline, etc. One who questions established medical authority; tends to be vegetarian and/or prepare all-organic foods. See crunchy and hippie.

When I became a mom I didn’t really have a game plan but to survive and save some money buy using cloth diapers I did look in to home birth but in the end since it was my first birth and didn’t know what to expect opted for the hospital, but since has decided that I want to have our next baby at home (now if I could get hubby on board). This introduced me into a whole new world! Soon after starting cloth we switched to cloth wipes, We use cloth diapers it makes sense to use cloth wipes… but it didn’t stop there. I switched to mama cloth, Unpaper towels, started a natural parenting blog and started to sell cloth diapers.We even Co-sleep once in awhile (when LP can’t sleep) I never got into baby wearing until LP was much to big to carry around (no worries next baby is gonna be worn). Although LP has gotten Vaccines I do try to spread them out and talk to my doctor about side effects and risks both of getting it and not.

Recently I started making our own baby food. I love to cook for others and since I started making LP food she has eats everything I give her, its so rewarding because you know she isn’t just eating it to save my feelings from being hurt.

So I decided to share with you one of LP Favorite meals.

Chicken, corn, apples, garlic and onions

The secret is that you can not season ANYTHING that you are going to give your baby this includes salt and pepper. If you know some secret about cooking no seasoning is not a problem

What you need:

Food Processor

half cup of water

EVOO (extra virgin Olive oil)

three boneless chicken breast ( we like to use free range organic hormone free, but reg chicken breast is fine)

one cup of onion slices

two garlic cloves

12oz of frozen corn

and two apples

This will make enough for two- three weeks so plenty to freeze

this is how the pricing breaks down (organic prices)

three boneless chicken breast $5.79

one cup of onion – $0.50

Two Cloves of garlic- $0.18

A 12oz bag of frozen corn- $2.49

Two Apples- $2.75

for a grand total of $11.71

two weeks worth of organic store bought baby food = $43.68

total savings=$31.97

( Prices were found on

so now that I got your attention lets continue with the recipe

before you start dethaw your corn

  • throw in a splash of EVO let it warm up for about 30 seconds
  • Throw in your onions and garlic and cook until they start to turn golden brown
  • throw in your chicken (cut up in cubed pieces)
  • add your water and cover cook until chicken is fully cooked (for about 10-15 mins) on med-high heat stir and flip chicken occasionally
  • after every thing is cooked throw your dethawed corn in to the food processor and turn it on.
  • then add the rest of your cooked food to the corn in the food processor and turn it on. Make sure it is good and processed (for younger babies starting out on solids just add more water until you get the right consistency you are looking for.

Now even my mother in-law rants and raves about my homemade baby food and how she has to stop herself from eating it (I too have to stop myself, its just so good) and if I want to eat it I know LP wants to too.

So maybe I am crunchy but at least I know I am doing the best I know I can do for my baby

Happy Parenting 🙂

Just blog about it!

Ok I have not been in the mood to blog at all. Last Tuesday I lost my job, and before you all get sympathetic on me you should know this, I hated that job and am happy to be done with it. Now don’t get me wrong losing my job is not fun.

Moving on. So while I job hunt (which has not been going so well) I have been working like crazy on Letjoy Cloth Diapers. Making Diapers, promoting, looking for deals….ect.  and while I am not getting rich anytime soon my efforts have been paying off. 🙂 with that here comes some shameless promotion!

Letjoy is giving you 10% off all you have to do is use the coupon code “Letjoy2012” at check out. And we are not all cloth diapers there are some cute baby hats and very soon costars, (i know random) so check out Letjoy Cloth Diaper Etsy Shop . now back to your regular blog post

ok so back to business. Needless to say I have been looking for ways to save money. Since I am not working we are def. saving on gas 🙂 I already make LP homemade Baby food, we use cloth diapers, cloth wipes and are trying (with hesitations from hubby) to switch to Unpaper towels (cloth paper towels), and we don’t have cable just netflix.

What more could we do I bet you are asking. Well this year we are going to grow our own veggies. This past weekend My friend and I started to dig up a spot in the yard for our new veggie garden…..when I realized I cut the INTERNET cable (oops!) so we had to go the rest of the day with no netflix and no Internet, luckily they got out to our house in the morning to fix the problem (wonder how much that will cost us) Lesson in this situation call before you dig even a inch! LOL

Anyways with all this time not spent at a job I hate I am loving my role of stay at home mom and business owner. I am happier and LP seems to enjoy more time with mommy too 🙂  Please share ways you save on the green and it helps if its a “green” way too

Happy Living 🙂

Fuzzy Venus Review and Giveaway (Ends April 1st)

I recently had the chance to try a pad and a pantyliner from a Etsy Shop called Fuzzy Venus and now I am posting this to let you know what I think. As you have seen from past posts I decided to give Cloth Pads a try.

The Facts

Cloth Pad – $12.00
The mama pad is 9.5″ long. It is constructed from a top layer of hand dyed organic bamboo velour, 3 soaker layers of bamboo batting, and a base layer of flannel with a water proof pul inner. The wings have a snap closure – two settings for an adjustable fit.


Pantyliner – $6.50
The pantyliner is constructed from one layer of Organic Bamboo Fleece sandwiched in between two layers of super soft snuggle flannel. This liner is perfect for a very light flow and everyday use.


What I liked

Cloth Pad

Since I am new to cloth pads I really hadn’t tried them outside of home. For some reason I decided to try this pad out at a day of work. I was amazed how comfortable it was and how absorbent. I didn’t feel like I was wearing a diaper and out of all the pads I have (both bought and homemade) This pad was the most comfortable that I own.


This liner was great I wore it at the end of my cycle and it was really like I wasn’t even wearing anything. It was comfortable and discreet, Great for a light flow for sure

What I didn’t like

I did not find anything I did not like about this product!


My thoughts

Both of these pads were great and they made me a believer of cloth pads and pushed me off the fence to converting to cloth completely. I will be buying more of these pads from Fuzzy Venus Etsy Shop very soon. I would definitely recommend  this shop/product to anyone looking into using Cloth pads. The shop owner, Ramona is a lovely lady who communicated very well with me.

I give this product 5 out of 5 stars!


Now after reading this glowing review I’m sure you are thinking “what about the giveaway?” well hold your horses. Ramona has decided to not only do a giveaway to one lucky reader but also give a coupon code for all my readers for 10% off your order! just use the coupon code “Lucky” at check out.

Now onto the giveaway! Since Rafflecopter is not supported by word press you will have to go to the Letjoy Page and enter to win there!

Get Pumped!

I am in the weirdest mood today so this post is going to be random and weird.

So far today I have jumped into the face of a co-worker and pounded him with questions like “how you doing?” “It’s friday! get aren’t you excited!?” and started to jump up and down. Then I stopped and looked around and saw that everyone around us had stopped working to stare at me. (they should know I am not normal and they shouldn’t act surprised) It'[s friday and even though work is no fun on friday I am so pumped for hubby birthday party tomorrow. i am baking him and his twin brother a cake today and making jello shots. 🙂

We have friends coming n from Fargo today and family coming tomorrow. I am so excited i think I just peed myself a little. I’ll be sure to give you all an up date on how the party went and all the prep work that went into it 🙂 not to mention pictures that will go along with those posts . HAPPY FRIDAY! 🙂

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