Teeth, Pearly White and Painful

LP has been dealing with her top two front teeth coming in and with it has come pain and a really nasty teething rash. Nothing I did would make the rash go away. When we were at other peoples houses or in public and I had to change her diaper, I felt like such a bad parent for having such a sweet baby with such a bad rash. This made me wonder, do other parents feel the same way. Why is it do we feel judged by other parents, even though we probably really aren’t being judged (too much).

I know that Hubby and I do the best that we can to make sure LP is getting the best care and growing experiences that we can provide, so why do I doubt our abilities and why do I feel that I have to live up to others expectations? The truth is that parenting is hard and I think that we are too hard on ourselves and others, at times. It’s so important to have friends that are parents and have the same parenting style as you. It helps reinforce the fact that you are doing a good job and seeing parents react to a situation the way you would, it’s well, refreshing.  There have been times that I am with other parents that have a different style of parenting and while I know it probably works for them it’s almost painful to bite my tongue. Not because I think they are doing it wrong but it’s just because it’s not the way I would handle the situation. At least I know it’s not my place to tell some how to raise their kids.

Happy Parenting 🙂


Times are a changing

It has been three months since I Lost my job and I have to say I am loving this stay at home mom gig. It is the hardest job that I have ever had but the fact that I know that I am there to spend time with LP and teach her is something that I have always felt bad about missing during my working days. With me not working it has really given me the chance to connect with my stay at home mommy friends. LP is so used to playing with other kids you would never guess that she is an only child. We have done BBQ’s with my SAHM’s (stay at home mom’s), pool parties, fishing, and days at the park. I love the fact that LP gets to play with other kids but I also Love that I get some adult time in. I describe this adult time to my hubby as “playdates” if only he knew what we talk about.

Other then Play dates I have been trying to make money, I have been making cloth diapers and wipes like crazy, I have  started a big project cleaning my Neighbors yard (which look like it’s abandoned) and I have gotten word from my other neighbors such as ” You are an angel”,”That’s a big undertaking”. Not only am I making my neighborhood a little prettier, I am working out and working towards my goal of not being the fattiest bridesmaid at my sisters wedding 🙂 Thats all for now

Happy Living 🙂