Meet the family

First off I have to warn you that I am writing this from my phone and any misspellings will not be held accountable to by me. There now that that’s out of the way I am writing to you from my hometown of Willmar Minnesota. my sister is getting married this weekend to a wonderful young man. my sisters and I are all kind of do it yourselfers in our own right. so needless to say we have each planned are on wedding for the most part. with wedding planning to come mega stress and this is true for any bride. but I am confident that my sister’s wedding day is going to go off without a hitch and it’s going to be beautiful. so with that I will leave you knowing that I will soon be posting with pictures my sister’s wedding and all of the fun that was had. happy living πŸ™‚


Life Keeps Rolling

So its a big couple of weeks here in the Letjoy House hold. My Youngest sister is getting Married next weekend! and My middle sister is flying in from seattle today, if she can make it apparently if you use your bag on a camping trip and for get to take out a knife and then use that same bag for a flight out of state you end up getting held up in security and missing your flight. Travel FAIL for my little sister but it’s okay she didn’t get arrested, molested, or detained so the only set back for her is traveling stand by.

(Photo Credit:Β  A Walsh Photography)

So let me tell you a little about my family. We are not your regular family. We are all very close and will say exactly what we thing to each other even if that mean hurt feelings. We get together and bullshit over drinks and food. We tell stories and jokes and Listen to my dads Pearls of wisdom. So to say the least I am excited that the whole family (minus my mom RIP) will be together for the first time in over a year! Brother in laws and all!



Happy Living πŸ™‚

They Grow Up So Fast!

So this week is a big week in the Letjoy Household, LP has graduated from the crib to the toddler bed! When we made the switch I was so nervous. Day one she was so tired from the days activities that she went right to sleep.

I had seen on pintrest how you could put a fun noodle under the sheets to ensure that your little one doesn’t fall out of bed so easy. I went to target and walmart and got the same answer from both stores when I asked about fun noodles. “that is out of season we wont have them until next summer” Oh NO!!!!! so I headed home to try and figure out what I was going to do. I endedΒ  up taking a bumper pad and folded it to the length of the crib and tied it so it was like a soft fun noodle πŸ™‚

I was worried that LP would just climb out of bed when she would wake up, but since the toddler bed is her crib that turned in to the bed she just stands on the rail side of the bed and yells/ cries at me to get out of bed πŸ˜› silly baby.

So the plan is to let her get use to sleeping in the bed and in two months move LP in to her own room across the hall. (hubby says that he is not ready to give up co- sleeping, something I never thought I would hear come out of his mouth.)

I hope that everything works out smoothly

Happy Parenting πŸ™‚

Stay at Home Mom

I have been a stay at home mom since March and at first I had trouble getting into the swing of staying at home and getting things done. I finally sat on the computer and made a daily list. This list includes things that need to be done daily, weekly and monthly. Here is the list:

Straighten Up
Clear Clutter
wipe off counters
wipe out Bathroom Sink
Sweep floors in common areas

Make Beds

Sort Mail

Weekly List

Dust furniture



Change bed liners

Clean Bathrooms

Do Laundry

Wipe out microwave

clean and disinfect toys

Wash out Garbage disposable

Clean Litter Boxes

Mow Yard


Monthly List

Wash Windows

Wash out Trash cans

Wash interior of the fridge

Clean baseboard

Change air filter

Clean Stove / Oven

Wipe Light switches, doors, handles

Wipe light fixtures


Yearly list

Dust Fridge and heat vents

wash walls

rinse screens, wash windows sills, take off and scrub blinds, wash curtains

Deep clean Dish Washer

Polish Cabinets

Flip mattresses


Now this was just a list I found online and I have added somethings that I do that were not on this list. I typed it out and printed it out and every day it feels so good to be able to cross out things on my list and know that I will get everything done by the end of the week. I clean during nap time and in the morning. Leaving the afternoons free to spend with LP. Even hubby has noticed the change in my daily routine and has had nothing but good things to say about how clean the house has been. I have even found more time to do other things like garden and can my veggies from the garden! I find this way to be much more efficient than trying to remember everything that has to be done!


I hope this has helped you and let me know in the comments below what you do to stay on top of things.

Happy Living πŸ™‚