It was the Night Before Black Friday

As I was driving home from my families Thanksgiving, I mistakenly took a wrong turn and ended up in Walmarts parking lot (which took me twenty mins to get out of). I was surprised to see the place was packed and I realized that walmart had opened early for black Friday. Personally I have never gotten in to the black Friday frenzy. Usually I spend my Fridays waking up and nursing a hang over from the night before. I partake in cyber Monday, staying up late on Sunday and shopping in my PJ’s with a glass of wine is more my style. After seeing the walmart parking lot I realized just how disgusted I have become with Black Friday. This year was going to be the first year that I would go out at midnight and go shopping for Christmas gifts but after seeing that parking lot on thanksgiving, there is no way I am going to support big corporate to turn a holiday that is meant for being thankful for what you have and who you have in your life and turn it into a holiday of shopping.

The holidays should be about family and friends not the best deals you can get. I hope you are at home with your loved ones this cold and blistery night and not out camping out side of some big box store, because the holidays should be at home. I hope that you will be with me on boycotting Black Friday and stay at home and just sit at the computer Sunday night in your PJ’s and a nice glass of wine.

happy Living 🙂



Well I am feeling more like myself these days, which is good. I went to the doctor for a check up today and even the nurses commented how much better I am looking.

Since my stay at the hospital it’s like a whole new person has come home. I tend to hang on to things and even if I haven’t touched something in years if it has some kind of sentimental meaning to it I just can’t bring myself to getting rid of it. Since I have been home I have gone through most of the house and just started throwing things away. This is unheard of for me. I like it. the house is getting less cluddery and things are starting to get organized. Yay!  And with this nice weather here in Minnesnowta and lack of snow I have been getting projects done.

In other news LP and I are going to go visit my sister and brother in law in Seattle! The real question is to bring cloth or no. I think I will just pack a diaper bag and when I get there buy some sposies. I am nervous about traveling with my 18 month old especially since we are taking a plane (any advice would be helpful ) I am so excited for this trip in Dec. you have no idea!

Lp is starting to really get in to the potty training. I think she is beginning to understand what the potty is for, but alas it will take time.


Christmas the brokest time of year

yes yes I know thanksgiving is next week, but christmas is coming up so fast. Every year I hate this time of the year leading up to Christmas. I have a family of 8 (plus significant others), my husband has a family of 6 (plus significant others and kids) so every year we spend so much money on gifts on everyone that I get so stressed out that I have a hard time relaxing until Christmas is done and over with. Then it’s the long 90 ( for those of you who are not from Minnesota the long 90 are the 90 days after new years, It’s freaking cold -20 I think was the coldest day last year, snowy and no holidays so most people get depressed during that time because you never leave your house.) So this year Hubby and I are getting a jump start. Since I have so many medical bills to pay from my recent stay at the hospital. Hubby and I decided to be frugal on our gifts this year. Hubby has his own plans on stocking sales and finding deals while I have decided to make things from the heart. I am making a teddy bear for my nephew, and I started making coasters but I don’t know who I am making them for yet, I also plan on making a natural spa products as gifts.

Home made coasters.
Now I wouldn’t say this is a tutorial but I like blogs that put up pictures of products so here we go.


While I was making these coasters LP woke up and demand attention.

happy living 🙂