Goodbye 2012 Hello 2013

Well this is it, it’s the last day of the year and one hell of a year it has been. LP turned 1, hubby turned 30 I got sick, I stopped working and now we are heading in to a new year. LP will be two, I turn 28 (I’m getting old) my 10 year high school reunion (eye roll) and with a new year comes new year resolutions. I am not really big on them, I mean who really keeps them. But I want to be healthier and even though I have a dairy sensitivity but I am seriously addicted to dairy products. So for the new year My family is going to go dairy free. This is going to be so hard, but I ordered an “cooking dairy free cook book off amazon and the only dairy we are going to have in the house is Milk for hubby, other then that no cheese (tear) nothing with dairy in it. I’m going to be honest this is going to be hard really hard. I love cheese.  So this is my final good buy to cheese after today no more will I be able to enjoy your smooth yummy ways.

i-love-cheese-LOGOHappy New Year!


Momma Bear vs the World

Hello I am a mom of a child with a dairy allergy. This is what I feel like I should say when I introduce my self to people.

I am amazed at how I feel like I have to fight to make sure my child (who is lactose Intolerant) doesn’t have any dairy. The most surprising struggle has been with my in-laws. I love them and they are the best grandparents that LP could ask for but for some reason they just don’t seem to take her allergy seriously. In our family hubby, LP, and I celebrate Christmas with my family on Christmas eve and with hubbys family on Christmas. Since I had so much to do My in-laws volunteered to take LP for the day for me to prepare, which was great; that is until I went to go and pickup LP in the evening. When I got there everyone (hubbys brother was there also with his significant other) was going on about this gross poop LP had loaded into her diaper. My first question, “Did someone give her dairy?” My brother in laws response “Is she not suppose to have dairy?” Apparently they had given her straight milk, cheese and cookies. I wasn’t that upset because they didn’t know (at the time I couldn’t imagine how they didn’t know). The next day at Christmas I saw Grandpa give LP a little bit of cookie saying if it weren’t for grandpa you wouldn’t get anything good. In the past I have stepped in and intercepted the treat with dairy but in the end I get a look from grandpa and a lecture from hubby about how little milk is in that cookie and just to let it go.  Now that LP has been given so much dairy I had a serious talk to hubby about putting our foot down on LP getting Dairy. I also had a talk with Grandpa and how serious LPs dairy allergy is.  I hope that these talks will put an end to this problem in our family.


Happy Parenting 🙂

Traveling With a One Year Old

So  LP and I decided to take a trip to Seattle, WA to visit my sister and her husband. Hubby had to work so it would just be the two of us traveling. I had never traveled on a plane with a toddler and since I was going by myself I figured I should ask people who had traveled by plane with small children and I also went searching on the internet for tips. So I am here to tell you how I survived and what worked and what didn’t.

Tip #1 Bring a Nuk to help baby with ears popping.

Did this work? Not really, This is a great tip for a baby but LP hadn’t took a nuk since she was 12 months so a t 20 months she was not having it! What did I do you ask…. well on the way, I just tried to comfort her, On the way back I bought orange juice (her favorite) and put it in her sippy cup. I didn’t give it to LP until we were about to take off/ Land and that solved the problem.

Tip #2 Buy a new toy and give it to your little one to play on the plane. This will help keep their attention longer because it is a new toy.

Did this work? Kinda, I didn’t go out and buy a few new toys because funds are short but I did find some toys that LP hardly ever plays with. While they did keep her attention for a while, a toddler can only sit still for so long.

Tip #3 Let them walk up and down the isles after the plane has taken off and reacted cursing altitude.

This is a good tip but you can only do this so many times before your become “That Lady” With the kid that is bugging everyone. On our way to Seattle this worked great but we had a morning flight. On the way home was another story. We had a late night flight and people were sleeping and LP wanted to play with everyone. What did I do. I took her to the back of the plane and let her entertain the flight attendants. they enjoyed it and I didn’t feel bad that LP was looking for attention and getting it.

Tip #4 Plane your flight at a time when your Little one is going to be sleeping.

Did this work? HELL NO! If you have a toddler like mine then your little ones loves to be the center of attention, even if that means she has to fight sleep. By scheduling the flight at LP bed time, all it did was make she more whiny and crabby. The morning flight was much better she was wide awake but happy to color and play. On the night flight home she didn’t know what she wanted and was mad.

So those were the main tips I got and the biggest one I have is NEVER travel with a small child alone unless you need to. We survived but it was not fun.

Happy traveling  🙂

It’s a SAHM

Well today is the one year anniversary of this blog. 101 post later and I am still rocking it. It’s been a busy year. LP turned one, hubby turned 30, and I got meningitis. One thing that has helped me keep rolling are my SAHMs! My Stay At Home Moms have been there through the good the bad and the weird. Before LP i was a party girl. I loved to go out, drink and Enjoy myself with my friends. Hubby and I went well together like that we both are independent souls like that he would go with his friends and I would go with mine and at times we all got together. Then we got engaged and before I knew it we bought a house. One year later we got married and were expecting our first child shortly there after. Needles to say it was a sock to my social group how much my life had changed. I had become a grown up with a mortgage and responsibilities. When I found out LP was on her way I started to go out less, and along the way some good friends were lost two best friends actually. Although I have rekindled one relationship (which I am happy about) the other is still very broken. I tell myself that there are reasons for things and a greater plan but I can’t help but feel a little regret that one of the people who use to be the closest to me is missing out on this crazy adventure so far, the milestones in LP’s life and I miss our good times and good talks. She was someone in my life that could never be replaced.

But life goes on and keeps on moving and I had to go with the flow or get left behind. Soon LP was here and she took up all my time during the first year of her life. At first it was lonely, I mean I had hubby and LP but I missed my friends, but I could never go party like I use to. I had changed and I need friends who were in the same point of life as I was. Soon came Mrs. Labor of wonder, at first I didn’t know how to read her and I wanted to be her friends but I felt like we just couldn’t be open with each other, at least not how my old besties and I were. then one day it was like the wall was gone and the rest is history. Mrs. labor of wonder also used cloth so we had so much to talk about. Oh and I went to high school with her husband. 🙂

Then there is the Big I. she is not one to be messed with. She is wonderful, beautiful, and you don’t want to piss her off. She is very different from me in a lot of ways, but one thing we have is that we tell  each other how it is and we love the other even more for it. She is sarcastic and she cloth diapers. She is the most amazing baby carrying Momma I know. She is also a momma that has entered my besty world. Her son is a week older than LP so getting together is not only beneficial for us but also the little ones.

Then there is J to the N. She is my girl. we fuck with each other, we make fun of each other and we have the same parenting style. she has 3 amazing Children and god bless her for surviving them, they are amazing but a handful. She is witty confident and hilarious, she helps me keep the sane and doesn’t make me feel like a bad mom for my approach because she would have done it the same. she is truly god sent.

Those three Ladies were new in my life a year ago but we have really got close over the past year. I am so thankful for them coming in to my life as I am soon on my way to 30 (sigh).  They were there during great times and there for me during the hard times of 2012 and they are an important part of my life and my family.

Happy Anniversary 🙂