Cloth Diapers…not your Mothers Diaper

When I tell people I cloth diaper they think prefolds and pins, I tell them about modern cloth diapers and how they work and people are just amazed, especially older women who used cloth diapers with their now grown children. So what is a modern cloth diaper? This post will cover some of the inner (the inside part of the diaper that touches babies skin)  materials  and inserts (what soaks up the pee on the inside of the diaper).

There are so many choices AIO (All In Ones), Pockets, AI2 (All In 2), Prefolds, fitteds, flats…..there are so much you pretty much need a collage degree in cloth diapers


Microfiber Fleece~ This material wicks moister away from baby. It is found on inserts (so that you can put inserts against babies skin, and on the inners of diapers (the inner is the material that is found on the inside of the diaper that is against babies skin). This material is used as an inner on Thirsties diapers as an example

Suede Cloth~  This material also wicks moister away from babys skin keeping him dry. The only down fall to this material is that some kids have a reaction to the material causing rashes. This material is used in BumGenius Diapers.

Those two materials are mostly used in “name brand” diapers. The following materials are mostly used in WAHM (Work At Home Mom) diapers found on sites such as Etsy or Hyena Cart.

Crushed Panne~ Similar to suede cloth minus the rashes Crushed Panne is a thin material that wicks away moister away from babies skin. Crushed Panne is a thin material but holds up to the many washes that cloth diapers go through. This material is great!

Velour~ This material is a Plush Knit and very soft. Used for cloth wipes as well as inners for diapers this material is a WAHMs favorite for fitted diapers as well as diapers with PUL outers. Velour holds up well wash after was and never fading making your diaper always looking new. Velour can be found in both bamboo and cotton.

Sherpa~ This material is a knit terry with soft brushed loops. This material is very soft and fluffs up when you wash it, it’s very absorbent and be used as an insert, cloth wipes, inner or a whole fitted diaper if you want . This one of my favorite materials

Fleece~ Fleece is less commonly found as an inner in diapers for the pure reason that it does not wick moister away from babies skin. One this material is wet it becomes uncomfortable for baby. Although this is not ideal for a full-time diaper wearing baby, for a toddler starting potty training it’s great for your little one to no pee in their diaper and ask to go potty.

These materials are all great choices for different situations in your little ones daily life, may it be a long car ride, a bedtime diaper or just an everyday diaper.


Microfiber Terry Cloth~This material is most commonly used as the insert or inside soaker of a fitted diaper. microfiber terry is not the same kind of terry cloth as a bath towel, if you buy a drying towel for a car it’s the same as that terry cloth.

Bamboo Terry Cloth~ I myself don’t have a lot of experience with this material. I know that it is very absorbent and a favorite among the Cloth diaper community.

Hemp ~ Hemp is a very absorbent material making it great for heavy wetters. This fabric is very dense and takes longer to air dry compared to other soaker materials.  You can find hemp in many different materials such as terry, french terry, fleece and jersey. A down side to hemp is that it takes a lot more washes to wash out all the natural oils to bring out it’s full absorbency potential.


The Terrible Twos

No one ever told me that the terrible two start before the kid is even two. At about 20 months LP started throwing temper tantrums. I have no one but myself to blame, she has my temper. Lp is a very laid back but when she gets mad, look out! So what to do with these temper tantrums she is throwing.  Well I didn’t want to punish LP for throwing a TT. A temper tantrum is a surge of emotion that your little one experience when they get mad. Learning how to control that emotion is the tricky part. So when ever LP throws a TT I take her to her room and tell her she can cry and scream all she wants in her room and when she is done she can come out and join the rest of us. I figure if LP knows there is a place to throw TT she will learn to control herself in public because her room is not there. Now this is a method I came up with on my own so I have no idea if it will work. LP has never thrown a TT in public yet. I told my husband I want LP to feel that she can express her emotions without feeling like she is doing something wrong. That’s why we put her in her room with the door open. Her room is her safe place, her area to do what she needs to get out her frustrations. When LP is on the verge of a TT I let her know that I understand that she is frustrated. I mean think about how frustrating it would be if you wanted something but no one understood what you wanted. I try to explain to her that I don’t understand what she wants when she doesn’t use her words. I believe a lot of LP TT is caused from frustration so working on communication is key to keep the TT to a minimum.

How do you deal with Temper Tantrums? leave a comment on what worked for you and what didn’t.