Mom I Need to Use the Potty….Never MInd

So here in the Letjoy home we have said good bye cloth diapers hello underwear. At least that’s what I thought. LP has been great she can go all day with out an accident, that is until we venture out of the home.

Last week we were hanging out in the back yard and LP went to explore our fenced in yard. I was gardening and I realized it had been a little too quiet. I looked up just in time to see my sweet little two year old “popping a squat” and taking a nice big poop next to the fence (sorry to the neighbor lady behind us). “LP” I say “why didn’t you tell me you needed to go poop poop?” All I could do is smile and take her inside to clean her up.

LP has done great with trips to the store. Before we leave she sits on the potty. When we get to the store we go straight to the bathroom for good measure and again before we leave for home. Than one day it all went to hell. Lp was peeing on the floor, pooping in he pants and throwing temper tantrums when ever asked if she would sit on the potty. Where did my potty trained child go!? Being the stubborn person that I am I was not about to unpack the cloth diapers and start all over! My solution go back to the beginning.  I ask LP to sit on the potty every half hour, I let her run naked so that she doesn’t feel the comfort of something “catching” her poop or pee (this does not mean there hasn’t been some accidents on the floor but lucky for me she now tells me where they are rather than me stepping in it or having to try and find where the smell is coming from. Thank God.) Slowly but surly we are getting back to where we were at before she decided she didn’t want to be potty trained.  

well I will update you later people of the internet


happy potty trainingImage