How This Mama Got Her Groove Back!

It is the heart of winter and I am already dreading swim suit season! Loosing weight after LP was born was not as easy as I thought it was going to be. It has been almost three years since my Little Pumpkin entered this world and I have not lost the weight.  So I decided to change things.

Back Story

Before I got married I weighted 180 pounds

Before wedding

September 2009

The winter before my wedding (December of 2009) I decided to look the best I have ever looked for my wedding (I have always been the bigger girl growing up). So I buckled down and started eating right. Whole grain everything, healthy snacks, no pop and one cheat day. Once I got that down I joined a gym. I started working out once a week, after two weeks twice a week, after another two weeks three times a week until I was going four times a week. Through out the day I would find ways to work out. Squats while folding laundry, taking the stairs instead of the elevator things like that.

I lost 40 pounds by doing all of this by my wedding (July 2010)


The week before my wedding July 2009

So I decided I am going to get back to my past glory and get back to the weight I was on my wedding day 140 pounds. I have already switched my diet back to how I should be eating, so now it’s time to start working out.

Things have changed since I lost the weight the first time. I have no free time and I have a kid now. Solution: I quit the gym I was going to once a month and bought an elliptical, a yoga tDVD and “30 Day Shred” with Jillian Michaels DVD.

I have decided to bring you along for my journey and if you would like to join me Comment your progress in the comments on my blog posts and follow my daily routines on my Facebook Page  Letjoy Cloth Diapers.

Happy Work out 🙂


I sleep where I want to sleep

LP is 21 months and it seems as if she has already entered her terrible twos. Her temper tantrums are getting worse and more often. All week she has been waking up in the night and throwing temper tantrums for no reason. This goes on for hours every night. I am at my wit’s end.

The other night LP ran to the couch and wanted to sleep on the couch. Our home is baby proofed so I was ok with it as long as I got to sleep. I left LP bedroom door open just in case she wanted to go back to her room. In the morning I awoke to LP gone. Thinking she went to her bedroom I went to go check on her. This is what I found in the hallway.


Parenting is hard but sometimes you just have to sit back and laugh.

happy parenting 🙂

Baby Teeth

” When you push that kid out they should have a book that tells you how to raise that specific child.” This is what was said to me as I was discussing dental care for our Little Ones with my friend “I”. Our kids are a week apart and she is just as clueless on dental care for our kids as I am. That is until I read an article in Parents magazine. That’s when I found out that I am doing what I am suppose to be (yay for me). My friend “I” had a lot of questions. Which brings me to this post. I figured if the both of us are clueless with our 21 month olds then there have got to be other moms out there that are just as clueless.

dental care is important for little ones, it teaches them good habits, and can prevent dental problems (bills) before there permanent teeth come in. You may think that it’s not that important now because they don’t have all their teeth, or because they are baby teeth and they are going to fall out anyways. This is not true. Kids should see the dentist between their 1st and second Birthday depending on how your kids teeth are coming in. Problems with baby teeth could effect adult teeth making it a life long problem. You should get into the habit of wiping babys gums even before teeth come in for two reasons: gets baby use to having you brush their teeth before they even have teeth and bacteria grows on babys gums also so when those buggers start to pock through the gums will be clean.

Personally we didn’t start using Tooth paste (baby tooth paste with no fluoride  until LP was a year old but before that we used just plain water. So here is our run down on brushing teeth in our house. I give LP her tooth brush with water on it and she goes to town brushing her teeth (granted it’s more like shaking her tooth brush in her mouth). While she is “brushing” her own teeth I brush mine, I have noticed that while she is watching me she mimics how I brush my teeth. After I am done I sit on the toilet with LP on my lap and I brush her teeth with tooth paste, at first LP hated it when it was my turn to brush her teeth but she soon got use to it and now she puts up little fight. You should brush your kids teeth after they do to make sure that the teeth are clean. When your kid can tie their own shoe they have the dexterity to go solo brushing their own teeth.  If your child makes it to age 4 with no cavities it’s a good chance cavities wont be a problem in their child hood, they have good habits down and prob. good genes.

Preventing cavities:

Don’t put your little one down for bed with a sippy or bottle. the sugars in formula, milk and breast milk will cling to your little ones teeth allowing bacteria to grow/feed during the night. The bacteria that causes cavities feed on sugar so cutting back on juice is a good option, especially if your little one runs around with a sippy cup all day. Cut back on sugary treats and high-carbohydrated snacks like crackers, pretzels and cereal which break down in to sugars.The AAPD recommends no more then 6 ounces of juice a day. If your little one Loves juice, take a 6 oz water bottle or one that has measurements on the side and fill it to six ounces in the morning so you can keep track of your little ones juice intake. Also make sure your little one gets lots of water infused with fluoride  most counties add fluoride to faucet water so make sure they get water from the faucet. If you have well water or use bottled water talk to your doctor. It is recommended that your little one be off Bottles/sippy cups by 12 months (yeah that’s going to happen). I think a more realistic goal is by 20 months. At 12 months no nuks, no bottles ( make sure to do this by a year because your little one will forget about their bottle or nuk quicker and it will make it much easier for you). Switch to sippys and between 12 and 20 months introduce different sippy cups that will help them make the switch to cups easier. I didn’t introduce cups to LP her grand parents did. When we would go over to their house for dinner they always gave LP a plastic cup and helped her to drink out of it. They had sippy cups but they reserved those for the day time. LP is almost 21 months and uses a cup by herself at dinner now. I plan to have her off sippys by her second birthday but save a few for travel.

I hope that this post has answered some of your questions about dental care for babies. If you have more questions leave a comment and I will try and answer them if I can.

Happy Parenting 🙂Image

They Grow Up So Fast!

So this week is a big week in the Letjoy Household, LP has graduated from the crib to the toddler bed! When we made the switch I was so nervous. Day one she was so tired from the days activities that she went right to sleep.

I had seen on pintrest how you could put a fun noodle under the sheets to ensure that your little one doesn’t fall out of bed so easy. I went to target and walmart and got the same answer from both stores when I asked about fun noodles. “that is out of season we wont have them until next summer” Oh NO!!!!! so I headed home to try and figure out what I was going to do. I ended  up taking a bumper pad and folded it to the length of the crib and tied it so it was like a soft fun noodle 🙂

I was worried that LP would just climb out of bed when she would wake up, but since the toddler bed is her crib that turned in to the bed she just stands on the rail side of the bed and yells/ cries at me to get out of bed 😛 silly baby.

So the plan is to let her get use to sleeping in the bed and in two months move LP in to her own room across the hall. (hubby says that he is not ready to give up co- sleeping, something I never thought I would hear come out of his mouth.)

I hope that everything works out smoothly

Happy Parenting 🙂

Making up for Lost Time

So first of all I know I haven’t posted in FOREVER! and for that I am sorry. But I have been thinking about what I want to post about and there is so much that has gone unsaid.

Cloth related:

LP has been sporting disposables for a few weeks now for a few reasons. Because I just can get yeast out of her cloth. I have striped them like 7 different ways, sun dried them , bleached them so if you know something else that might work please leave a comment. I would be so greatful.

One Year Old Temper Tantrums:

Since LP has turned one she has been overwhelmed with emotions and she just doesn’t know how to deal with them except through temper tantrums. No reason to get myself upset over them I just set her on the floor and let the screaming go out on it’s own. It seems to be working I go about my business while she rolls and kicks and screams on the floor and since I have started that Tantrums have become shorter and less intense. LP (thankfully) is learning to deal with her frustrations in other ways.

Hitting and Biting:

With the retreat of the temper tantrums comes biting and hitting. which is only understandable ( imagine if you couldn’t talk and you were frustrated with something) So we have started “punishing” (lack of a better word) LP.

This is how it goes down. LP Bites/hits I hold her face under her chin so that she has no choice but to look at me in the face and I say “Oucky” twice then I sit her on the ground. at this point she is mad that she is getting punished so the temper tantrum begins but soon ends with my lack of interest. LP only has bit twice (hard) and hit once since we started “punishing” her. 🙂 pretty good.

In closing I have given you the very brief summary of the topics I wanted to write about but just didn’t have the time, and I am sorry about that. Chins up though my next post will be a review and giveaway on a toy!!!!! Excitement!

Happy parenting 🙂

A World of Hurt

In our home this past week my family has been fighting off sickness. First it was me then LP then hubby and now right at this moment I am sick again with a head cold! Will this pain never end. With all these cold taking out my family I can only be happy that everyone is now healthy (minus my head cold). The reason I am happy this all took place last week and not this week is because LP turns  1 on Saturday! We will have friends and family over for the big event. Hopefully this head cold will pass fast and I can continue the big days events.

Saturday is not only LP birthday but also The Great Cloth Diaper Change! So on LP birthday we will attempt to get in the record books also. which I think makes for a cool first birthday story.

ok I can’t push myself self to do this anymore. happy parenting 🙂

From Super Mom to Super Nasty

I have never been one for the nasty stuff. Ask anyone who knows me, Mold, puke, poop it all makes me gage. Since becoming a mom I have noticed you get use to the nasty stuff.

Since LP has been born I have been pooped on two times, peed on three times and puked on twice. All with in one year! Hubby got a poop blow out once and FREAKED! He was so grossed out so it seems to me that moms get the most because they can handle it better than dad (I’m sure that some dads handle it just fine but I am willing to bet a majority is like hubby).

When it comes to nasty moments with LP I just tough it out and push through, something I never knew I had in me. I guess it starts with the diapers. You kinda get use to poop when you have a baby. Poop becomes apart of your daily life.  Since naked time is common in our home since we use Cloth there is a lot of airing out which leads to pee on me and the floor sometimes, and I am ok with that.

When you become a parent you change a lot. Your priorities change your gross out level changes and you become increasingly selfless (at least for me). I have come to notice that my sister moms are like that too. The majority of them I have known before they became moms and I got to see them change but at the same time never forgetting who they are and how to make time for fun for themselves. So here is to every mom out there that has been puked on, pooped on, and or peed on. You are amazing


Happy Parenting 🙂

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