DIY. Turning a Prefold into a Fitted Diaper

Prefolds are great to use because they are so versatile and one of the most affordable diapers you can get; unfortunately they can get tricky. A lot of dads have a hard time  learning how to use a prefold.  In this tutorial I am going to show you how to take a regular prefold and turn it in to a fitted diaper.



1. Get a regular prefold and fold it in half (chose an appropriate size for your little one).




2. Find or make a pattern for a diaper. Place the straight edge on the fold. To make a pattern take a diaper (cloth or disposable) And a paper bag and trace around the diaper over your bag. Remember to stretch out the legs and back. cut it out fold it in half and cut it down the middle.



3.Trace your pattern on the folded prefold. Make sure you trace so that the part you cut is on the open side of the fold.


4. Cut along the line. no need for seam allowance.


This is what your prefold should look like unfolded.


5.Surge the edges. If you don’t have a surger you can use the zig zag setting on a regular sewing machine and sew off the edge to get the same effect.



This is what the edges should look like when you are done.



6.Now cut three pieces of elastic. For along the back 4 inches, and two for along the legs 6 inches.


7. Fold the diaper in half and make marks right under the arms of the diaper and a few inches from the rise of the diaper. (the reason you fold it in half is so you can mark the diaper on both sides in the same spots).




8.Then make your marks for your snaps/ Velcro. You want to make sure the Velcro is even. If you are doing snaps, make ten marks evenly measured from the sides about one inch away from each other.



If you are doing snaps mark two dots one inch from each other about 1/4 of an inch away from the edge.



9.Apply snaps using a hand press or table press.




10.Sew on your elastic makeing sure to use a zig zag stitch



It should look like this.



11.Then turn the diaper and make sure to stretch out the elastic as you do a zig zag stitch over the elastic down the leg of the diaper.



It should look like this when done.


12.Repeat step 10 when you get to the end of your elastic.



13. Repeat steps 10-12 On the other leg and along the back.



14. Take the two scraps from the diaper and pin the flat edges together and sew them together and surge the out side edges making it a long oval shape



It should look like this when you are done.



15. pin the top of the oval piece just below the back elastic for a girl and just below the rise of the front for a boy. (be sure you attach it to the inside of the diaper)



Using a zig zag stitch it should look like this when you are done





And there you have it for a dollar or two per diaper and some DIY, you now have a lovely fitted diaper.





Happy Sewing 🙂


Cloth Diaper vs MIL

First off let me say I love my Mother-in – law (MIL) she is the sweetest lady ever, but one thing that we can’t get on the same page about is cloth diapers. My husband was also cloth diapered as a baby (lol not that he would be as an adult……at least not yet. LOL) So when LP would go over to grandma and grandpa I could not figure out why she was always in a disposable diaper. At first I was not happy about it but then I thought well if they want to buy the diapers and they watch her for free then ok they can use disposable. so that’s how it has been for the last year and it has worked out just fine. I send LP in cloth and grandma sends the diaper home in a plastic shopping bag (even if I send a wet bag) and LP is in a disposable diaper.

About a month ago I went to go pick up LP and Grandma has a CASE of disposable diapers waiting for me by the door. When I told her to just hang on to the diapers and how we didn’t need them she said she felt bad because she would help my brother-in-law by buying him diapers and she wanted to help us (I would not object to buying some cloth for LP 😉  ) anyways I was in a hurry and no matter what I said she insisted that I take the case, so I did. Hubby loved it. then this month MIL sent home a pack with hubby and he tried to hide it from me by keeping the case in the office (not really hiding from me just delay in me noticing a case of diaper.)

while I appreciate the thought behind the diapers I feel I need to have a talk with MIL and let her know that buying us disposable diapers is not necessary and while she feels she should help us with diapers that they do more than enough for our family.


Happy Cloth Diapering 🙂

Cream of Wonder Recipe

At the beginning of last month I wrote about the rash from hell, followed by the cream of wonder that was heaven sent ( or sent from labor of wonder home). Complements of labor of wonders hubbyman, he has decided to share the recipe for the rash cream with all of you! Labor of wonder hubbyman thank you for using your powers for good.  

What you will need:

  • 1/8 Cup Coconut Oil
  • 1/4 Cup Raw Shea Butter
  • 3-4 Tbsp Arrowroot Powder ( corn starch can be sub. with same measurements)
  • about  3 drops of Tea Tree Oil

Slowly Melt Coconut Oil and Shea Butter. Add tree oil. Add arrowroot one Tbsp at a time until you achieve desired thickness.

Pour liquid in to desired container with lid. I use a small canning jar.

I like to place it in the fridge to help it cool and thicken quicker.

I have used this diaper cream on my cloth diapers and has not ruined my diapers which is great. It works fast and is cloth safe what more can you ask for a rash cream!

Happy Parenting 🙂

MMMM…Smells like Ammonia

If your Cloth diapers are smelling like ammonia even after you wash them you could have a problem. There could be one of three reasons for ammonia smelling diapers.

1. Detergent buildup . This is usually caused by using too much detergent or not the right kind of detergent. Many people say that they don’t have any problems using Tide or other mainstream detergents, but for others these detergents cause buildup or rashes. A lot of these detergents contain optical brighteners, enzymes, fabric softeners and other chemicals that can build up on diapers. Stripping the diapers and changing detergents or amount of the detergent used can usually solve this problem.

2. Mineral buildup . If you have hard water, minerals can build up in the fabric. Using a mineral remover such as RLR laundry treatment can help. Using a detergent specially made for hard water can also help, or even Borax to the wash could clear this up by making the detergent work better at getting the diapers clean.

3. Your diapers may not be getting clean enough. Sometimes adding a little more detergent is all you need. For others, you may need to change your wash routine. What works best for us is a cold rinse, followed by a hot wash with then two cold rinses. Also adding Borax could help your diapers get cleaner.

If your diapers are smelling like ammonia it is time to strip your diapers.

How to strip cloth diapers in a top loader washing machine:

* Wash diapers as usual. No need to dry them.

* Add 1-2 Tablespoons of dish detergent (blue Dawn works best) to your washer and wash diapers on hot. Soaking for a few hours can help too. DO NOT add extra detergent or use more than this amount, you will find yourself in a bad sitcom episode as you scoop up acres of bubbles.

* Rinse, rinse, rinse the diapers until there are no bubbles left when the machine.


How to strip cloth diapers in a front loader washing machine:

In a front loader, you will likely get way too many bubbles if you try this. So, soak the diapers in a sink, bucket or bathtub in a little dish detergent and hot water. Then rinse them as well as you can. Then run a hot wash cycle with no detergent and repeat until there are no bubbles left.

Sunlight is a great way to help keep odors and stains at bay. Line dry your diapers as often as you can.


Receiving Blanket as a Daiper

When I started to use cloth I heard a lot about being able to use a receiving blanket as a diaper. I had never tried this and soon forgot all about it. Well for the first time ever Little Pumpkin ran out of diapers. I had put them to wash but before bed I had forgotten to put them to dry, so while diapers were drying I had nothing to put LP in. Then I remembered the receiving blankets! I looked up how to fold a flat diaper and gave it a try, and I have to say using the receiving blanket as a diaper is great! I may try some flat diapers now.

I decided to share with you how to use a receiving blanket as a diaper.

I hope that your find this helpful! Happy cloth diapering 🙂

Changing a Prefold Diaper.

When I started cloth diapering Little Pumpkin I thought that prefolds looked complicated, who would have thought that prefolds would end up being my favorite type of cloth diaper to use. This video will show you how to put on a prefold. Staring Little Pumpkin!

Happy Cloth Diapering 🙂

gDiapers gCloth Inserts Review

When I started cloth diapers with my little one I went on Craigslist and bought used (great way to start without breaking the bank). I went to one mamas house and bought a bunch of diapers. They were all pockets and said I could pick what inserts I wanted. A bunch of them that I grabbed were gDiaper gCloth Inserts.

The Facts:

gCloth Inserts are made out of two layers of microfiber fleece to wick moisture away from baby and two layers of a hemp cotton blend.

They come in packs of six

And cost anywhere between $25-$30

You can order them online from places like amazon

You can find them in Babies R us


What I liked:

They are super Thin and not bulky at all.

They are absorbent and are great to use as a second insert in the diaper for nighttime.

easy to clean

never have had a stink problem


What i don’t like:

Not really a great fit for regular pocket diapers


Over all This is a great insert. I don’t own any gDiapers but these are great for nighttime diapers paired up with a two layered microfiber terry cloth insert.  My Number one doubler and totally worth the money.  I would recommend these inserts to be a must have for any stash.

I gave these inserts Five star



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