Fuzzy Venus Review and Giveaway (Ends April 1st)

I recently had the chance to try a pad and a pantyliner from a Etsy Shop called Fuzzy Venus and now I am posting this to let you know what I think. As you have seen from past posts I decided to give Cloth Pads a try.

The Facts

Cloth Pad – $12.00
The mama pad is 9.5″ long. It is constructed from a top layer of hand dyed organic bamboo velour, 3 soaker layers of bamboo batting, and a base layer of flannel with a water proof pul inner. The wings have a snap closure – two settings for an adjustable fit.


Pantyliner – $6.50
The pantyliner is constructed from one layer of Organic Bamboo Fleece sandwiched in between two layers of super soft snuggle flannel. This liner is perfect for a very light flow and everyday use.


What I liked

Cloth Pad

Since I am new to cloth pads I really hadn’t tried them outside of home. For some reason I decided to try this pad out at a day of work. I was amazed how comfortable it was and how absorbent. I didn’t feel like I was wearing a diaper and out of all the pads I have (both bought and homemade) This pad was the most comfortable that I own.


This liner was great I wore it at the end of my cycle and it was really like I wasn’t even wearing anything. It was comfortable and discreet, Great for a light flow for sure

What I didn’t like

I did not find anything I did not like about this product!


My thoughts

Both of these pads were great and they made me a believer of cloth pads and pushed me off the fence to converting to cloth completely. I will be buying more of these pads from Fuzzy Venus Etsy Shop very soon. I would definitely recommend  this shop/product to anyone looking into using Cloth pads. The shop owner, Ramona is a lovely lady who communicated very well with me.

I give this product 5 out of 5 stars!


Now after reading this glowing review I’m sure you are thinking “what about the giveaway?” well hold your horses. Ramona has decided to not only do a giveaway to one lucky reader but also give a coupon code for all my readers for 10% off your order! just use the coupon code “Lucky” at check out.

Now onto the giveaway! Since Rafflecopter is not supported by word press you will have to go to the Letjoy Page and enter to win there!