DIY. Turning a Prefold into a Fitted Diaper

Prefolds are great to use because they are so versatile and one of the most affordable diapers you can get; unfortunately they can get tricky. A lot of dads have a hard time  learning how to use a prefold.  In this tutorial I am going to show you how to take a regular prefold and turn it in to a fitted diaper.



1. Get a regular prefold and fold it in half (chose an appropriate size for your little one).




2. Find or make a pattern for a diaper. Place the straight edge on the fold. To make a pattern take a diaper (cloth or disposable) And a paper bag and trace around the diaper over your bag. Remember to stretch out the legs and back. cut it out fold it in half and cut it down the middle.



3.Trace your pattern on the folded prefold. Make sure you trace so that the part you cut is on the open side of the fold.


4. Cut along the line. no need for seam allowance.


This is what your prefold should look like unfolded.


5.Surge the edges. If you don’t have a surger you can use the zig zag setting on a regular sewing machine and sew off the edge to get the same effect.



This is what the edges should look like when you are done.



6.Now cut three pieces of elastic. For along the back 4 inches, and two for along the legs 6 inches.


7. Fold the diaper in half and make marks right under the arms of the diaper and a few inches from the rise of the diaper. (the reason you fold it in half is so you can mark the diaper on both sides in the same spots).




8.Then make your marks for your snaps/ Velcro. You want to make sure the Velcro is even. If you are doing snaps, make ten marks evenly measured from the sides about one inch away from each other.



If you are doing snaps mark two dots one inch from each other about 1/4 of an inch away from the edge.



9.Apply snaps using a hand press or table press.




10.Sew on your elastic makeing sure to use a zig zag stitch



It should look like this.



11.Then turn the diaper and make sure to stretch out the elastic as you do a zig zag stitch over the elastic down the leg of the diaper.



It should look like this when done.


12.Repeat step 10 when you get to the end of your elastic.



13. Repeat steps 10-12 On the other leg and along the back.



14. Take the two scraps from the diaper and pin the flat edges together and sew them together and surge the out side edges making it a long oval shape



It should look like this when you are done.



15. pin the top of the oval piece just below the back elastic for a girl and just below the rise of the front for a boy. (be sure you attach it to the inside of the diaper)



Using a zig zag stitch it should look like this when you are done





And there you have it for a dollar or two per diaper and some DIY, you now have a lovely fitted diaper.





Happy Sewing 🙂


Are You Calling Me Crunchy?

Crunchy Mama :

Mother who supports homebirth, breastfeeding, baby wearing, cloth diapering, co-sleeping, gentle discipline, etc. One who questions established medical authority; tends to be vegetarian and/or prepare all-organic foods. See crunchy and hippie.

When I became a mom I didn’t really have a game plan but to survive and save some money buy using cloth diapers I did look in to home birth but in the end since it was my first birth and didn’t know what to expect opted for the hospital, but since has decided that I want to have our next baby at home (now if I could get hubby on board). This introduced me into a whole new world! Soon after starting cloth we switched to cloth wipes, We use cloth diapers it makes sense to use cloth wipes… but it didn’t stop there. I switched to mama cloth, Unpaper towels, started a natural parenting blog and started to sell cloth diapers.We even Co-sleep once in awhile (when LP can’t sleep) I never got into baby wearing until LP was much to big to carry around (no worries next baby is gonna be worn). Although LP has gotten Vaccines I do try to spread them out and talk to my doctor about side effects and risks both of getting it and not.

Recently I started making our own baby food. I love to cook for others and since I started making LP food she has eats everything I give her, its so rewarding because you know she isn’t just eating it to save my feelings from being hurt.

So I decided to share with you one of LP Favorite meals.

Chicken, corn, apples, garlic and onions

The secret is that you can not season ANYTHING that you are going to give your baby this includes salt and pepper. If you know some secret about cooking no seasoning is not a problem

What you need:

Food Processor

half cup of water

EVOO (extra virgin Olive oil)

three boneless chicken breast ( we like to use free range organic hormone free, but reg chicken breast is fine)

one cup of onion slices

two garlic cloves

12oz of frozen corn

and two apples

This will make enough for two- three weeks so plenty to freeze

this is how the pricing breaks down (organic prices)

three boneless chicken breast $5.79

one cup of onion – $0.50

Two Cloves of garlic- $0.18

A 12oz bag of frozen corn- $2.49

Two Apples- $2.75

for a grand total of $11.71

two weeks worth of organic store bought baby food = $43.68

total savings=$31.97

( Prices were found on

so now that I got your attention lets continue with the recipe

before you start dethaw your corn

  • throw in a splash of EVO let it warm up for about 30 seconds
  • Throw in your onions and garlic and cook until they start to turn golden brown
  • throw in your chicken (cut up in cubed pieces)
  • add your water and cover cook until chicken is fully cooked (for about 10-15 mins) on med-high heat stir and flip chicken occasionally
  • after every thing is cooked throw your dethawed corn in to the food processor and turn it on.
  • then add the rest of your cooked food to the corn in the food processor and turn it on. Make sure it is good and processed (for younger babies starting out on solids just add more water until you get the right consistency you are looking for.

Now even my mother in-law rants and raves about my homemade baby food and how she has to stop herself from eating it (I too have to stop myself, its just so good) and if I want to eat it I know LP wants to too.

So maybe I am crunchy but at least I know I am doing the best I know I can do for my baby

Happy Parenting 🙂

Receiving Blanket as a Daiper

When I started to use cloth I heard a lot about being able to use a receiving blanket as a diaper. I had never tried this and soon forgot all about it. Well for the first time ever Little Pumpkin ran out of diapers. I had put them to wash but before bed I had forgotten to put them to dry, so while diapers were drying I had nothing to put LP in. Then I remembered the receiving blankets! I looked up how to fold a flat diaper and gave it a try, and I have to say using the receiving blanket as a diaper is great! I may try some flat diapers now.

I decided to share with you how to use a receiving blanket as a diaper.

I hope that your find this helpful! Happy cloth diapering 🙂

Changing a Prefold Diaper.

When I started cloth diapering Little Pumpkin I thought that prefolds looked complicated, who would have thought that prefolds would end up being my favorite type of cloth diaper to use. This video will show you how to put on a prefold. Staring Little Pumpkin!

Happy Cloth Diapering 🙂

How to Use Cloth Diapers on the Go

This last weekend I met up with a mama that is new to cloth and she asked me if I did cloth on the go. Since my husband and I jumped both feet in with cloth,  I thought of course I use cloth on the go. She then explained how she is so nervous to only depend on cloth on the go. Well  Mamas in cyber land I am here to assure you that Cloth on the go is easy and I am going to tell you everything you need and need to know about.

What you need:

Cloth Diapers (any kind will do although AIO is the easiest to travel with)

Wet Bag


When you are in a public place and need to change your little one, it really isn’t any different changing a cloth diaper then a disposable diaper. The only difference is that instead of throwing the diaper away you put it in a wet bag to be washed later when you get home.

As far as how many you should bring. It depends on your little ones age. Before venturing out with cloth at home pay attention how many diapers on average your little one goes through in an hour. This will help you decide how many diapers your little one will need on your outing. As long as you change your little ones diapers before they get so soaked that they leak you really shouldn’t have to worry about your little one leaking.

If you are going to be out for a whole day I would suggest packing prefolds and a couple covers. I suggest this because you can fit more prefolds in the diaper bag and wet bag then you can AIO, Pocket….ect. I prefer prefolds on the go because they are so easy and I can bring a bunch with, without over stuffing the diaper bag.




Side by side 7 Pockets vs 7 Prefolds










As far as wipes go you can go either disposable or cloth. Hubby and I use to do disposable but then found it easier to do cloth on the go with cloth wipes. but what ever you are most comfortable with is fine.

If you want to pack Prefolds you will need Two covers, prefolds, snappie, wet bag and wipes

For Pockets, AI2 and AIO all you need is wipes, wet bag and the diapers

If you are nervous about using cloth on the go. start out small and safe. a short trip to the target down the street. A trip to grandma and grandpas’ (you know they have disposable in the house). Start there and next time try for something a little more bold, a trip to friends house for a play date, go out to dinner, to the zoo. once you get comfortable using cloth on the go you will not know why you didn’t start sooner.

Happy Cloth Diapering 🙂

Making Smore Bites

I have recently become addicted to Pinterest (you can follow me now on Pinterest just click the button on the Right side of the page. Go ahead I’ll wait) I came across a recipe for Smore bite and decided to give it a try.


Crescent roll dough



I must warn you I found that the crescent roll dough just wasn’t big enough to put a good amount of chocolate and marshmallows in it but I did see that they sell dough in rolled up sheets at the store so you may want to try that instead when you try this, but either way these are delicious.

First pre-heat your oven to 375 Degrees

Then open your crescent rolls

Then lay them out and stuff them with your marshmallows and chocolate.

Roll up the dough with the ingredients inside and place them spaced out on a pan.

Now place them in the oven and cook them for 10-15 minutes (keep an eye on them) or until golden brown.

After baking take them of the oven to cool off

Then enjoy! They may not turn out pretty but they are soooooo good!

Happy Baking:)