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Mom I Need to Use the Potty….Never MInd

So here in the Letjoy home we have said good bye cloth diapers hello underwear. At least that’s what I thought. LP has been great she can go all day with out an accident, that is until we venture out of the home.

Last week we were hanging out in the back yard and LP went to explore our fenced in yard. I was gardening and I realized it had been a little too quiet. I looked up just in time to see my sweet little two year old “popping a squat” and taking a nice big poop next to the fence (sorry to the neighbor lady behind us). “LP” I say “why didn’t you tell me you needed to go poop poop?” All I could do is smile and take her inside to clean her up.

LP has done great with trips to the store. Before we leave she sits on the potty. When we get to the store we go straight to the bathroom for good measure and again before we leave for home. Than one day it all went to hell. Lp was peeing on the floor, pooping in he pants and throwing temper tantrums when ever asked if she would sit on the potty. Where did my potty trained child go!? Being the stubborn person that I am I was not about to unpack the cloth diapers and start all over! My solution go back to the beginning.  I ask LP to sit on the potty every half hour, I let her run naked so that she doesn’t feel the comfort of something “catching” her poop or pee (this does not mean there hasn’t been some accidents on the floor but lucky for me she now tells me where they are rather than me stepping in it or having to try and find where the smell is coming from. Thank God.) Slowly but surly we are getting back to where we were at before she decided she didn’t want to be potty trained.  

well I will update you later people of the internet


happy potty trainingImage

Cloth Diapers…not your Mothers Diaper

When I tell people I cloth diaper they think prefolds and pins, I tell them about modern cloth diapers and how they work and people are just amazed, especially older women who used cloth diapers with their now grown children. So what is a modern cloth diaper? This post will cover some of the inner (the inside part of the diaper that touches babies skin)  materials  and inserts (what soaks up the pee on the inside of the diaper).

There are so many choices AIO (All In Ones), Pockets, AI2 (All In 2), Prefolds, fitteds, flats…..there are so much you pretty much need a collage degree in cloth diapers


Microfiber Fleece~ This material wicks moister away from baby. It is found on inserts (so that you can put inserts against babies skin, and on the inners of diapers (the inner is the material that is found on the inside of the diaper that is against babies skin). This material is used as an inner on Thirsties diapers as an example

Suede Cloth~  This material also wicks moister away from babys skin keeping him dry. The only down fall to this material is that some kids have a reaction to the material causing rashes. This material is used in BumGenius Diapers.

Those two materials are mostly used in “name brand” diapers. The following materials are mostly used in WAHM (Work At Home Mom) diapers found on sites such as Etsy or Hyena Cart.

Crushed Panne~ Similar to suede cloth minus the rashes Crushed Panne is a thin material that wicks away moister away from babies skin. Crushed Panne is a thin material but holds up to the many washes that cloth diapers go through. This material is great!

Velour~ This material is a Plush Knit and very soft. Used for cloth wipes as well as inners for diapers this material is a WAHMs favorite for fitted diapers as well as diapers with PUL outers. Velour holds up well wash after was and never fading making your diaper always looking new. Velour can be found in both bamboo and cotton.

Sherpa~ This material is a knit terry with soft brushed loops. This material is very soft and fluffs up when you wash it, it’s very absorbent and be used as an insert, cloth wipes, inner or a whole fitted diaper if you want . This one of my favorite materials

Fleece~ Fleece is less commonly found as an inner in diapers for the pure reason that it does not wick moister away from babies skin. One this material is wet it becomes uncomfortable for baby. Although this is not ideal for a full-time diaper wearing baby, for a toddler starting potty training it’s great for your little one to no pee in their diaper and ask to go potty.

These materials are all great choices for different situations in your little ones daily life, may it be a long car ride, a bedtime diaper or just an everyday diaper.


Microfiber Terry Cloth~This material is most commonly used as the insert or inside soaker of a fitted diaper. microfiber terry is not the same kind of terry cloth as a bath towel, if you buy a drying towel for a car it’s the same as that terry cloth.

Bamboo Terry Cloth~ I myself don’t have a lot of experience with this material. I know that it is very absorbent and a favorite among the Cloth diaper community.

Hemp ~ Hemp is a very absorbent material making it great for heavy wetters. This fabric is very dense and takes longer to air dry compared to other soaker materials.  You can find hemp in many different materials such as terry, french terry, fleece and jersey. A down side to hemp is that it takes a lot more washes to wash out all the natural oils to bring out it’s full absorbency potential.

Baby Teeth

” When you push that kid out they should have a book that tells you how to raise that specific child.” This is what was said to me as I was discussing dental care for our Little Ones with my friend “I”. Our kids are a week apart and she is just as clueless on dental care for our kids as I am. That is until I read an article in Parents magazine. That’s when I found out that I am doing what I am suppose to be (yay for me). My friend “I” had a lot of questions. Which brings me to this post. I figured if the both of us are clueless with our 21 month olds then there have got to be other moms out there that are just as clueless.

dental care is important for little ones, it teaches them good habits, and can prevent dental problems (bills) before there permanent teeth come in. You may think that it’s not that important now because they don’t have all their teeth, or because they are baby teeth and they are going to fall out anyways. This is not true. Kids should see the dentist between their 1st and second Birthday depending on how your kids teeth are coming in. Problems with baby teeth could effect adult teeth making it a life long problem. You should get into the habit of wiping babys gums even before teeth come in for two reasons: gets baby use to having you brush their teeth before they even have teeth and bacteria grows on babys gums also so when those buggers start to pock through the gums will be clean.

Personally we didn’t start using Tooth paste (baby tooth paste with no fluoride  until LP was a year old but before that we used just plain water. So here is our run down on brushing teeth in our house. I give LP her tooth brush with water on it and she goes to town brushing her teeth (granted it’s more like shaking her tooth brush in her mouth). While she is “brushing” her own teeth I brush mine, I have noticed that while she is watching me she mimics how I brush my teeth. After I am done I sit on the toilet with LP on my lap and I brush her teeth with tooth paste, at first LP hated it when it was my turn to brush her teeth but she soon got use to it and now she puts up little fight. You should brush your kids teeth after they do to make sure that the teeth are clean. When your kid can tie their own shoe they have the dexterity to go solo brushing their own teeth.  If your child makes it to age 4 with no cavities it’s a good chance cavities wont be a problem in their child hood, they have good habits down and prob. good genes.

Preventing cavities:

Don’t put your little one down for bed with a sippy or bottle. the sugars in formula, milk and breast milk will cling to your little ones teeth allowing bacteria to grow/feed during the night. The bacteria that causes cavities feed on sugar so cutting back on juice is a good option, especially if your little one runs around with a sippy cup all day. Cut back on sugary treats and high-carbohydrated snacks like crackers, pretzels and cereal which break down in to sugars.The AAPD recommends no more then 6 ounces of juice a day. If your little one Loves juice, take a 6 oz water bottle or one that has measurements on the side and fill it to six ounces in the morning so you can keep track of your little ones juice intake. Also make sure your little one gets lots of water infused with fluoride  most counties add fluoride to faucet water so make sure they get water from the faucet. If you have well water or use bottled water talk to your doctor. It is recommended that your little one be off Bottles/sippy cups by 12 months (yeah that’s going to happen). I think a more realistic goal is by 20 months. At 12 months no nuks, no bottles ( make sure to do this by a year because your little one will forget about their bottle or nuk quicker and it will make it much easier for you). Switch to sippys and between 12 and 20 months introduce different sippy cups that will help them make the switch to cups easier. I didn’t introduce cups to LP her grand parents did. When we would go over to their house for dinner they always gave LP a plastic cup and helped her to drink out of it. They had sippy cups but they reserved those for the day time. LP is almost 21 months and uses a cup by herself at dinner now. I plan to have her off sippys by her second birthday but save a few for travel.

I hope that this post has answered some of your questions about dental care for babies. If you have more questions leave a comment and I will try and answer them if I can.

Happy Parenting 🙂Image

Christmas the brokest time of year

yes yes I know thanksgiving is next week, but christmas is coming up so fast. Every year I hate this time of the year leading up to Christmas. I have a family of 8 (plus significant others), my husband has a family of 6 (plus significant others and kids) so every year we spend so much money on gifts on everyone that I get so stressed out that I have a hard time relaxing until Christmas is done and over with. Then it’s the long 90 ( for those of you who are not from Minnesota the long 90 are the 90 days after new years, It’s freaking cold -20 I think was the coldest day last year, snowy and no holidays so most people get depressed during that time because you never leave your house.) So this year Hubby and I are getting a jump start. Since I have so many medical bills to pay from my recent stay at the hospital. Hubby and I decided to be frugal on our gifts this year. Hubby has his own plans on stocking sales and finding deals while I have decided to make things from the heart. I am making a teddy bear for my nephew, and I started making coasters but I don’t know who I am making them for yet, I also plan on making a natural spa products as gifts.

Home made coasters.
Now I wouldn’t say this is a tutorial but I like blogs that put up pictures of products so here we go.


While I was making these coasters LP woke up and demand attention.

happy living 🙂

Meet the family

First off I have to warn you that I am writing this from my phone and any misspellings will not be held accountable to by me. There now that that’s out of the way I am writing to you from my hometown of Willmar Minnesota. my sister is getting married this weekend to a wonderful young man. my sisters and I are all kind of do it yourselfers in our own right. so needless to say we have each planned are on wedding for the most part. with wedding planning to come mega stress and this is true for any bride. but I am confident that my sister’s wedding day is going to go off without a hitch and it’s going to be beautiful. so with that I will leave you knowing that I will soon be posting with pictures my sister’s wedding and all of the fun that was had. happy living 🙂

They Grow Up So Fast!

So this week is a big week in the Letjoy Household, LP has graduated from the crib to the toddler bed! When we made the switch I was so nervous. Day one she was so tired from the days activities that she went right to sleep.

I had seen on pintrest how you could put a fun noodle under the sheets to ensure that your little one doesn’t fall out of bed so easy. I went to target and walmart and got the same answer from both stores when I asked about fun noodles. “that is out of season we wont have them until next summer” Oh NO!!!!! so I headed home to try and figure out what I was going to do. I ended  up taking a bumper pad and folded it to the length of the crib and tied it so it was like a soft fun noodle 🙂

I was worried that LP would just climb out of bed when she would wake up, but since the toddler bed is her crib that turned in to the bed she just stands on the rail side of the bed and yells/ cries at me to get out of bed 😛 silly baby.

So the plan is to let her get use to sleeping in the bed and in two months move LP in to her own room across the hall. (hubby says that he is not ready to give up co- sleeping, something I never thought I would hear come out of his mouth.)

I hope that everything works out smoothly

Happy Parenting 🙂

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