Mama Drama

So I have been a part of some facebook groups and like any mom knows who is a part of some group on facebook there is always some moms who make drama on the pages. Whether they are doing it on purpose of it’s just their nature I just don’t get it. If you don’t like the group you are a part of then leave it. do go on to other boards bitching about other members or telling people what a bad group it is. Leave the group. no one is forcing you to be apart of the group. “but Letjoy, I don’t like somethings about the group but other parts/members I really do like.” Great! good for you for finding the positive, but then stop bitching. You are a grownup and with that comes stresses that really do matter in life. Why add to that with some FB mama drama. Moms have enough to stress about, we don’t need to add to that with some stupid high school shit. haaaaa I feel much better, thank you for reading my rank.

happy living 🙂