Losing weight isn’t easy

So it’s has been a little bit over a month since my last post. Something that I have learned is Working out with kids is not as easy as I though. I have found that my daughter seems to think that when I work out, that is a perfect time to beg for attention and climb all over mom. I have been working at losing weight I started at 198 and I am now down 10 pounds. I am not losing the weight as fast as I would like but I’m hoping this Minnesota winter finally end soon and LP and I can go on walks again.


Things I have noticed since started my weight lose goal.

Ever since I started eating more healthy I have noticed:

  • I am not as hungry
  •  when I am craving a snack, I crave fruits or Veggies.
  • I have more energy
  • I am happier
  • I feel better about the way I look


  • I drink a glass of water with one freshly Squeezed Lemon in it every day in the morning. I have noticed this helps keeps my cravings at bay
  • When I am waiting for something I do squats, butt kicks or lunges. I do it at work (I make sure no one is around), while I do dishes, folding laundry. If I can do it I do it.
  • I take the stairs every time
  • I dance. I turn on the radio and just dance. It makes you feel good and it’s exercise.
  • When I want to snack I reach for carrots

How are you doing with your weight lose goal? Comment below and let me know.

Happy spring 🙂


Sister Mom

As I was winding down last night I was looking at parent magazine and came a cross a small piece about mom role models for new moms. I my self have a couple so I decide to write a post about it.

Sister mom is a mom with older children that has a parenting style you share. There are a few pluses to having a sister mom. You see what works for you and how moms actions shape Little ones as they grow, then you can use the same methods on your child, sister moms make mistakes and you get to learn from them. Spending time with your sister mom gives you a chance to have some very much needed adult time, you get to learn her methods, and your child get social interaction with older children which also helps with her development.

I myself have a few sister moms. ( shhhh they don’t know) I don’t just copy everything they do as a mom but I defiantly take a few pages out of each of their hand book. I have been watching them all very closely since LP was born and I have picked up a lot of stuff, learned what doesn’t work for me and got a lot of adult time in. As a new mom I defiantly suggest that you adopt a sister mom, someone with a similar parenting style or what you would like your style to be similar too. Like I said I have been watching my adopted mommies very closely ( okay girls get paranoid lol) and All of them are amazing. I have learned so much and seen the results of their actions in their wonderful children. One of my mommies have three children and I adore all three and I watch how she resolves conflicts between the three of them and I am always so impressed, (someday when LP has brothers and/or sisters I will be prepared) I also watch how she turns fun activities in to learning experiences for her little ones. Another mom has one daughter that is seven and she is also the mom with the oldest kiddo (out of my sister mommies) I watch how she teaches her little one how to be responsible and how she teaches her how to handle responsibilities.  She teaches her  how to be patient with the little ones and now that she is older how momma deals with temper tantrums.

My final sister mom I don’t get to see very often but when I am with her I always watch how she interacts with her little guy. She listens to him and even with the everyday conversations with him she always makes him feel that everything he has to say to her is important. Her patients with him truly amazes me, not because he is so wild but because she is always so patient with him no matter what her mood. ( okay I am sure not all the time but she does better than most) She always wants the best for him ands he talks to him as if he is her equal (which I love) she doesn’t dumb things down, she explains things to him so that he learns how to communicate better.

All of my sister mommies are amazing, stong, and fun women (this is why I am friends with them). They are also amazing mothers and I am so happy I have role models like them in my life.

Happy Parenting 🙂

One for the Super Mom

Today has been one of those days where I just can’t make myself do the work that I should get done before the weekend. So I decided to catch up on the blogs that I follow. After reading one of my favorite blogs, Labor of Wonder I realized that the last year has flown by and I have a feeling that the rest of my life is about to pass me by in a hurry too. Gone are the days of care free non responsibility. Gone are the days when I could leave town on a moments notice with friends, the days when I could go sit out on a patio some where and enjoy the day with some girlfriends and some yummy drinks. Those days are now filled with family outings, doctor appointments, business deals, work, cleaning, cooking, and all the other things your mom did when you were growing up, that until now you didn’t appreciate.

So this got me to thinking “How did my mom do it?”. I myself have one child and some days wish I was on a beach somewhere sipping a margarita. My mother on the other hand had Six children all with in 5 years of age. I have an older sister but she moved out when I was 5 to go off to college so I wont count her. Anyways back to my point, Six kids! Four girls and two boys (the boys are twins).

Now if you know my family you know we are the most honest, loud, colorful people you could ever be lucky enough to know (thanks Mom and Dad). My mother was an amazing crazy women who loved to have a good time. When I was in middle school my mom went back to school to get her doctorate. She was a school teacher, then had her college classes (which most days where  One hour away) and she always made sure we had dinner to eat, our home work was done and she would mostly make it to our school activities. While like most women, there are things as a mother I would never do with my own child that my mother did with me, she really is my inspirations to be a super mom.

Someone once told me “When you raise children you are preparing them to be active participants in our world.”  I never really thought about it like that and for all the things my parents did wrong I think they did an amazing job! My siblings and I went to college, we all have jobs and we have never gotten in to trouble with the law ( well nothing serious anyways 😛 ) . As a parent I of course have taken a few pages out of my parents hand book and I hope that I raise my child as well as my parents raised my siblings and I.

Coming to the end of this post I guess the point is Thank your mother for being a super mom, and for working as hard as she did. She gave you the best years of her life. When you have children your life goes by fast and parents give a lot to their children. Happy Parenting 🙂