How This Mama Got Her Groove Back!

It is the heart of winter and I am already dreading swim suit season! Loosing weight after LP was born was not as easy as I thought it was going to be. It has been almost three years since my Little Pumpkin entered this world and I have not lost the weight.  So I decided to change things.

Back Story

Before I got married I weighted 180 pounds

Before wedding

September 2009

The winter before my wedding (December of 2009) I decided to look the best I have ever looked for my wedding (I have always been the bigger girl growing up). So I buckled down and started eating right. Whole grain everything, healthy snacks, no pop and one cheat day. Once I got that down I joined a gym. I started working out once a week, after two weeks twice a week, after another two weeks three times a week until I was going four times a week. Through out the day I would find ways to work out. Squats while folding laundry, taking the stairs instead of the elevator things like that.

I lost 40 pounds by doing all of this by my wedding (July 2010)


The week before my wedding July 2009

So I decided I am going to get back to my past glory and get back to the weight I was on my wedding day 140 pounds. I have already switched my diet back to how I should be eating, so now it’s time to start working out.

Things have changed since I lost the weight the first time. I have no free time and I have a kid now. Solution: I quit the gym I was going to once a month and bought an elliptical, a yoga tDVD and “30 Day Shred” with Jillian Michaels DVD.

I have decided to bring you along for my journey and if you would like to join me Comment your progress in the comments on my blog posts and follow my daily routines on my Facebook Page  Letjoy Cloth Diapers.

Happy Work out 🙂


Fifth disease

Right now in our home we are battling Fifths Disease. I know it sounds horrible but it’s not as bad as it sounds. At first my mommy friends and I thought it was the same as hand, foot and mouth. Although they are similar they are not the same.

Fifths Disease

The disease is also referred to as slapped cheek syndromeslap cheekslap face or slapped face. The Fifth Disease starts with a low-grade fever, headache, and cold like symptoms, such as a runny or stuffy nose. These symptoms pass, then a few days later the rash appears. The bright red rash most commonly appears in the face. Cheeks are a defining symptom of the infection in children (hence the name “slapped cheek disease”). Occasionally the rash will extend over the bridge of the nose or around the mouth. In addition to red cheeks, children often develop a red, lacy rash on the rest of the body, with the upper arms, torso, and legs being the most common locations. The rash typically lasts a couple of days and may itch; some cases have been known to last for several weeks. Patients are usually no longer infectious once the rash has appeared. Teenagers and adults may present with a self-limited arthritis. It manifests in painful swelling of the joints that feels similar to arthritis. Older children and adults with fifth disease may have difficulty in walking and in bending joints such as wrists, knees, ankles, fingers, and shoulders.

Fifth disease is transmitted primarily by respiratory secretions (saliva, mucus, etc.) but can also be spread by contact with infected blood. The incubation period (the time between the initial infection and the onset of symptoms) is usually between 4 and 21 days. Individuals with fifth disease are most infectious before the onset of symptoms. Typically, school children, day-care workers, teachers and mothers are most likely to be exposed to the virus. When symptoms are evident, there is little risk of transmission; therefore, symptomatic individuals need not be isolated.
Any age may be affected although it is most common in children aged five to fifteen years. By the time adulthood is reached about half the population will have become immune following infection at some time in their past.Outbreaks can arise especially in nursery schools, preschools, and elementary schools.

So Not only is LP battling this rash all over her body but hubby and I have it also. My knee has been killing me the last three weeks and hubbys shoulder has been killing him.

A friend of mine that is learning about essential Oils mixed up a concoction and brought it right over .

Thieves Oil,  purification Oil, lavender Oil, and Coconut Oil We put it on Lps foot every diaper change so every hour and a half on the bottom of her foot, and in one day the rash is so much better!  So I went to a talk about  essential oils and what they can do. I am for sure a believer! I have used essential oils in cleaning products but never for medical uses. I will now!

That’s all for now I need to get up and walking because my knee is really starting to hurt.

Happy parenting

Cloth Diapers…not your Mothers Diaper

When I tell people I cloth diaper they think prefolds and pins, I tell them about modern cloth diapers and how they work and people are just amazed, especially older women who used cloth diapers with their now grown children. So what is a modern cloth diaper? This post will cover some of the inner (the inside part of the diaper that touches babies skin)  materials  and inserts (what soaks up the pee on the inside of the diaper).

There are so many choices AIO (All In Ones), Pockets, AI2 (All In 2), Prefolds, fitteds, flats…..there are so much you pretty much need a collage degree in cloth diapers


Microfiber Fleece~ This material wicks moister away from baby. It is found on inserts (so that you can put inserts against babies skin, and on the inners of diapers (the inner is the material that is found on the inside of the diaper that is against babies skin). This material is used as an inner on Thirsties diapers as an example

Suede Cloth~  This material also wicks moister away from babys skin keeping him dry. The only down fall to this material is that some kids have a reaction to the material causing rashes. This material is used in BumGenius Diapers.

Those two materials are mostly used in “name brand” diapers. The following materials are mostly used in WAHM (Work At Home Mom) diapers found on sites such as Etsy or Hyena Cart.

Crushed Panne~ Similar to suede cloth minus the rashes Crushed Panne is a thin material that wicks away moister away from babies skin. Crushed Panne is a thin material but holds up to the many washes that cloth diapers go through. This material is great!

Velour~ This material is a Plush Knit and very soft. Used for cloth wipes as well as inners for diapers this material is a WAHMs favorite for fitted diapers as well as diapers with PUL outers. Velour holds up well wash after was and never fading making your diaper always looking new. Velour can be found in both bamboo and cotton.

Sherpa~ This material is a knit terry with soft brushed loops. This material is very soft and fluffs up when you wash it, it’s very absorbent and be used as an insert, cloth wipes, inner or a whole fitted diaper if you want . This one of my favorite materials

Fleece~ Fleece is less commonly found as an inner in diapers for the pure reason that it does not wick moister away from babies skin. One this material is wet it becomes uncomfortable for baby. Although this is not ideal for a full-time diaper wearing baby, for a toddler starting potty training it’s great for your little one to no pee in their diaper and ask to go potty.

These materials are all great choices for different situations in your little ones daily life, may it be a long car ride, a bedtime diaper or just an everyday diaper.


Microfiber Terry Cloth~This material is most commonly used as the insert or inside soaker of a fitted diaper. microfiber terry is not the same kind of terry cloth as a bath towel, if you buy a drying towel for a car it’s the same as that terry cloth.

Bamboo Terry Cloth~ I myself don’t have a lot of experience with this material. I know that it is very absorbent and a favorite among the Cloth diaper community.

Hemp ~ Hemp is a very absorbent material making it great for heavy wetters. This fabric is very dense and takes longer to air dry compared to other soaker materials.  You can find hemp in many different materials such as terry, french terry, fleece and jersey. A down side to hemp is that it takes a lot more washes to wash out all the natural oils to bring out it’s full absorbency potential.

I sleep where I want to sleep

LP is 21 months and it seems as if she has already entered her terrible twos. Her temper tantrums are getting worse and more often. All week she has been waking up in the night and throwing temper tantrums for no reason. This goes on for hours every night. I am at my wit’s end.

The other night LP ran to the couch and wanted to sleep on the couch. Our home is baby proofed so I was ok with it as long as I got to sleep. I left LP bedroom door open just in case she wanted to go back to her room. In the morning I awoke to LP gone. Thinking she went to her bedroom I went to go check on her. This is what I found in the hallway.


Parenting is hard but sometimes you just have to sit back and laugh.

happy parenting 🙂

Mama! I can’t…….can do it.

As a parent you want to protect your child, you don’t want them to get hurt, you want them to be happy, but you don’t want them to be whiny (what parent does, right?). There is a line that can cross and that line is the over protective parent. No one wants to be that person but I can see how it is easy to not even notice that you have become one.

When LP was younger Hubby and I were at his parents house. By this time LP had long been mobile and she has had her share of bumps along the way. LP was climbing on a chair (on the Legs not very far off the ground) and Hubby jumped up to retrieve her. “What are you doing?” I asked. “I don’t want her to fall and get hurt.” She was just learning to climb and I asked him “How do you think she will learn how to get up on a chair if you always stop her?” The way I see it is most of the learning we do as adults is trial and error, what makes us think it’s any different for kids. The only difference is we don’t have a giant stopping us when we are having a little trouble. Same with parents that help their child too much. I’m not saying not to help your child but there is a point where it goes to far. Like instead of your child going to try a task on their own they turn to you for help, Then you might have passed that line. If you catch the early signs of over protective parent don’t worry there is still hope for you 😛

I am not saying that it isn’t easy to risk your child getting hurt but the smile that takes over their little face with pride when they have accomplished a task on their own is worth the stress.


I have to remind myself that everything is a new experience for LP and that I need to let her have those experiences and knowing the difference between learning and danger is part of what makes a good parent.

Happy parenting 🙂

Momma Bear vs the World

Hello I am a mom of a child with a dairy allergy. This is what I feel like I should say when I introduce my self to people.

I am amazed at how I feel like I have to fight to make sure my child (who is lactose Intolerant) doesn’t have any dairy. The most surprising struggle has been with my in-laws. I love them and they are the best grandparents that LP could ask for but for some reason they just don’t seem to take her allergy seriously. In our family hubby, LP, and I celebrate Christmas with my family on Christmas eve and with hubbys family on Christmas. Since I had so much to do My in-laws volunteered to take LP for the day for me to prepare, which was great; that is until I went to go and pickup LP in the evening. When I got there everyone (hubbys brother was there also with his significant other) was going on about this gross poop LP had loaded into her diaper. My first question, “Did someone give her dairy?” My brother in laws response “Is she not suppose to have dairy?” Apparently they had given her straight milk, cheese and cookies. I wasn’t that upset because they didn’t know (at the time I couldn’t imagine how they didn’t know). The next day at Christmas I saw Grandpa give LP a little bit of cookie saying if it weren’t for grandpa you wouldn’t get anything good. In the past I have stepped in and intercepted the treat with dairy but in the end I get a look from grandpa and a lecture from hubby about how little milk is in that cookie and just to let it go.  Now that LP has been given so much dairy I had a serious talk to hubby about putting our foot down on LP getting Dairy. I also had a talk with Grandpa and how serious LPs dairy allergy is.  I hope that these talks will put an end to this problem in our family.


Happy Parenting 🙂

They Grow Up So Fast!

So this week is a big week in the Letjoy Household, LP has graduated from the crib to the toddler bed! When we made the switch I was so nervous. Day one she was so tired from the days activities that she went right to sleep.

I had seen on pintrest how you could put a fun noodle under the sheets to ensure that your little one doesn’t fall out of bed so easy. I went to target and walmart and got the same answer from both stores when I asked about fun noodles. “that is out of season we wont have them until next summer” Oh NO!!!!! so I headed home to try and figure out what I was going to do. I ended  up taking a bumper pad and folded it to the length of the crib and tied it so it was like a soft fun noodle 🙂

I was worried that LP would just climb out of bed when she would wake up, but since the toddler bed is her crib that turned in to the bed she just stands on the rail side of the bed and yells/ cries at me to get out of bed 😛 silly baby.

So the plan is to let her get use to sleeping in the bed and in two months move LP in to her own room across the hall. (hubby says that he is not ready to give up co- sleeping, something I never thought I would hear come out of his mouth.)

I hope that everything works out smoothly

Happy Parenting 🙂

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